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Versamods Modular Deck panels are a lighter and stronger alternative deck material for outdoor decks, ideal for do-it-yourself projects, docks, roof tops and marinas. Aluminum Modular Decking Installation Diagram by Versadeck Decking, Aluminum Modular Decking Versadeck Versamods Deck Design Diagram 

The Pedestal System is the high end of contemporary paving solution. Based in Melbourne, Australia, the Pedestal System provides you with adjustable modular supports for raised flooring and rooftop decks. Adjustable height pedestals enable perfectly level elevated decks to be quickly constructed with 

The DeckWise , Altitudes Pedestal System has been engineered to build perfectly horizontal decking over underutilized spaces such as sloped roof tops and plaza areas. Pedestals elevate and support 24" x 24" modular hardwood deck tiles over uneven concrete, rooftops, plazas, or walkways allowing anyone to build 

Outdoor Floor System is a durable decking technology for placing porcelain, thin gauged stone, paver grade material or mixed media i.e turf, plant beds, rubber pavers placed in any orientation, uniform or mixed modular sizes, over joist framing on an elevated deck or waterproofed rooftop terrace on pedestals. It utilizes 

Roof decks are a common element of contemporary architecture, as outdoor living space expands onto flat (low-slope) rooftops. Seattle's roof decks are some of our most attractive gathering spaces, often providing stunning views of our beloved mountains, lakes and Puget Sound. Adjustable pedestal supports and modular 

As this is a suspended system there are no mechanical fixings involved. The slabs can simply be lifted up should the roof deck need to be inspected in the future for damage or leaks. ASP support pedestals are available from 35mm to 365mm high (the ASP EXTRA pads go to 380mm see below). im4.

PAVE-EL paver stone pedestals elevate and level paver stones on roof decks, green roofs, balconies, promenades, fountains, and other areas.

RoofDeck Products. We specialize in designing and building unique rooftop decking environments, including patios, terraces and rooftop decks. Our projects include large commercial terraces, private residential projects, and recently pop-up parks for seasonal entertainment at street-level. Bison Pedestal Systems · , 

Therma-HEXX is the leading manufacturer of pedestal paver snow melting systems. The patented ThermaPANEL system expands radiant heating to amenity spaces.

They will utilize a pedestal decking system that will allow your deck material to float over the roof membrane or existing flooring material without structural changes. These systems can . of support systems. In many cases, modular paving on pedestals is desired, but fences and railings need to be attached to a solid frame.

Paver Pedestal System for roof decks & elevated decks. Pedestals on raised paver deck system.

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