best membrane for sleeper deck installations

The entire deck project was designed by Deer Park Roofing, Inc. EPDM. An .060 EPDM membrane was fully adhered to the surface of the upper deck. Flashings are installed to the perimeter of the membrane and along walls. Sleepers. 4"x4" pressure treated "sleepers" are placed on TPO padding and the membrane.

PVC Sundeck and Flat Roofdeck Installation and Application. By John Ogilvie conventional membranes installed with a protective overlay. For the best performance, the structure should be sloped to eliminate ponding water, while accounting for building shrinkage or settlement. When the deck is designed with the 

IB waterproof membrane with 2x4 PT sleepers and 2x6 redwood CH decking. Notice the foam sleepers to keep the wood from touching the roofing material. . Building A Roof Deck Step by step instructions I Best Practices I Unique Downspout Solution I Rot Resistant Techniques I Railing and Baluster System.

It's best to divide the decking into movable panels for cleaning and maintenance of the rubber roof. If you are using a wood or composite walking surface, fasten the decking to sleepers (unattached strips of pressure-treated wood), which should be set on strips of EPDM to protect the roofing membrane.

Anyone have a great graphic or pic of the proper method of constructing a wooden deck on a flat roof? This home had a "floating" deck with ponding water beneath. I see flat roofs often, but not with decks installed on them in this manner. I know many of you "big city" guys see this alot. All help is appreciated.

Consisting of a membrane installed under the decking, the system collects and channels water into a perimeter gutter system and away from the building. The area beneath the deck Working backward, it's best to figure out where the water will go before engineering the membrane. A standard aluminum 

possibility of a leak long before either the decking or the roof membrane is worn out from age. My approach to keeping water out while achieving good resistance to lateral forces is two pronged and is based on the deck being built on sleepers above the roof. First, I design rooftop decks with corners every 

Laying a deck can improve the look and increase the usability of your garden, Use our handy how to guide to take you from start to finish the process of laying a deck. Decking is quicker to install than paving, and building a deck is straightforward. The deck will be Cover the membrane with a thick layer of gravel. Spread 

sleepers laid directly on the roof membrane. 7. Piping and Conduit on Roof Top . A vapor retarder installed to the deck beneath the pre-formed roof insula- tion is not a part of the roofing specification; its use .. For reroofing projects, it is always best to remove the old roof system. This will show the deck condition, allow for 

Once you have the framing ripped out and repaired properly I would have a roofing company put down a membrane may be TPO. They should give you a good warranty with a product it's very good. Then I would do as the gentleman above stated put down sleepers and attach the decking the sleepers.

That being said, without a proper slope you should never install deck tiles as you are asking for trouble, even with a great system like the above. And it doesn't sound like you have done the basics that the Duradek tile system requires so I think your best option is some kind of floating deck frame structure 

Deck Over. Living Space by Thomas Buckborough. BUILDING A. Deck Over. Living Space. Sloped framing, a carefully installed membrane, and good flashing details . 65. Roof Deck Over Living Space. Copper drip-edge. Copper gutter, run to drywell. 5 4 decking. Tapered 2x6 sleepers with rubber pad glued to bottom.

And if your flat roof looks like the perfect place to add a deck, you can modify deck building techniques that prevail for ground-level decks to install a party, outdoor eating or gardening space over the Cut strips of EPDM rubber to fit under the sleepers, to pad where the sleepers meet the roof membrane.

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