cost fora wooden screened deck

Can match exterior architecture of home; Increases living space; Enhances curb appeal; Covered and out of the elements; Can be screened to protect from insects. CONS The materials for a porch may include concrete footings 3, wood joist and trusses 4, asphalt 5 shingles 6, and electrical wiring. For a 

A patio enclosure costs an average of $11000, with the low end at $3000 and the high end at $20000, according to At the extremes, a basic roof-plus-screening job can cost about

My boyfriend had the genius idea to get some wooden lattice ($12 for a 4-foot-by-8-foot sheet), cut it to fit the opening underneath the porch, then staple leftover screen material to it. Now, it's bug-proof. Lattice. Total cost of ceiling and flooring materials: $122. Throw in miscellaneous nails and screws, plus the sealant and 

The total cost for a screened in porch on an existing deck will be between $1,157 and $1,374 or an average cost of $6.33 sf. Of course, the construction of a If a consumer is able to construct the porch on an existing wooden or concrete deck, this will likely save a minimum of $1,000. As with the rest of the 

The T & G (KDAT) flooring added an additional $685 to the cost of the porch. That also included the special AdvanTech subflooring my builder used underneath and hiring a professional flooring company to install it. If you decide to use KDAT wood for your porch floor, be sure to use a professional installer 

Average Costs of Materials for a Screened-in Deck. Minimum cost: $45 per square foot; Maximum cost: $95 per square foot. Other factors that affect the total expense include the following: Is there already an existing deck? Is concrete needed for the deck? What is the total size of the deck? Does a roof need 

In the world of custom design and build, knowing the elements that go into pricing a screen porch is helpful. Everything from the materials you choose to the roof style and foundation can greatly impact how much your screen porch will cost. As you look for a contractor you trust to build your new porch, keep 

We recently completed a screened porch and after talking to three contractors we settled on a $75 sq ft price. Lots of variables in terms of flooring options (pt wood, composite wood, tile, etc), lighting, finish materials, skylights, etc., etc. so its hard to price shop this in a web forum. Frank. Rate this post 

If you don't want to pay a professional or need to replace the porch's wooden posts, you can buy and hang the new screen yourself. Businesses including Screen and Pfeffer say. Don't forget to check Angie's List if you're looking for a screen professional, or have questions about rescreening your porch.

A major extra, like a large fireplace, can really drive up the cost of a porch, since it involves more materials and labor — and may require an upgraded foundation. A basic concrete-slab porch will be easier on the wallet than a larger screened-in porch or sunroom. Prefabricated porches can be found for approximately 

Add an enclosed screen porch to your house using basic framing and deck building techniques. The total cost of this how to build a porch was $6,500, but you could save hundreds of dollars without sacrificing quality by substituting treated decking for the . Line up the tie-in framing with the porch for a seamless blend.

Instead he recommends the Brazilian hardwood, . The prized is difficult for carpenters to work with, however, and can double the cost of a porch. Contractors often find that people are upgrading their decks to a screened porch and doing away with the old — pressure-treated wood or cedar, which rots 

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