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Before Green Fence, when American households and businesses recycled their plastic, for the most part what they were really doing was sending it for collection at US recycling companies. Some of that plastic trash would be shredded, granulated and packed into bales, while other types were simply 

A one piece compression moulded fencing base, manufactured from recycled material.

Red Ned's secondhand and recycled building materials and kitchens, is a family operated business committed to recycling. Give us a ring for a quote on all your pre-demolition, renovation or surplus building materials, aluminium doors. French doors, pavers, fencing, bathrooms, kitchens, roofing, unique items, old and 

Have you ever wondered if any useful products came back from all that recycled plastic from your farm? The answer is yes and it is a very useful product called Stokbord or Stock board, which is readily availble through your local FRS office for a wide range of uses. stokbord image with cattle. Stokbord can be used as an 

Go-Hoard is a revolutionary eco-friendly 2.4m high PVC hoarding system made from 50% recycled plastics, offering a more sustainable and 'green' solution compared to traditional methods of timber hoarding. Go Hoard boards provide a completely flat faced finish and are 100% recyclable. The system uses a scaffold 

Equine fence in light oak. Picture. NEW ! Temporary Fence. Picture. Privacy fencing around a secure decking area. Picture. Temporary Picket Fence Section. You can now RENT these sections of 6ft x 3ft. Picture. OUR LATEST PVC (Recycled) FENCING IN BLACK - Great Value. Picture. Almond coloued high fence with 

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