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Clay, slate, or concrete roofing tiles have merits and drawbacks that should be considered before you choose this material for your roof.

It is a dilemma everyone who wants to insulate an unused attic faces: What is the best way to insulate? Should it be the floor or the roof? The right answer depends on what you plan to do with the attic space. In order to waste as little energy as possible, you need to keep the protected volume as small as possible. The term 

Before installing flooring over rubber roofing membranes, make sure the membrane is in good shape. Check to make sure there aren't any tears or holes in the membrane. Thorough examination and proper maintenance of roofing membrane before installation will save you from potential leakage problems down the line.

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I need help choosing the best wood when flooring a rooftop terrace. C. martinbrent June 15, 2014. I am moving to a new home and there is a large rooftop terrace which is simply the most basic of concrete finishes. Doors from the living section lead on to it andI would like the experience of moving from one to the other, 

Weathering Tiles are used over flat roofs or terrace flooring. Types of weathering tiles are is also known as Flat Roof Tiles or Terrace Tiles : This is an essential product to product your roof from fierce sun and. Flat Terraces are useless at a time, The top surface will not be having a good finish. This serves the purpose of 

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Some types of roofing may be better suited for your house than others. Factors such as the slope of the roof and strength of the framing could limit your choices. In areas prone to wildfires or hurricanes, look for a product with a high fire rating or good wind resistance. In addition, steps can be taken during the installation of 

Roof = 0.20W m²: Ground floor = 0.25W m²; Walls = 0.30W m². You might well ask why they are different. There is a strong argument, supported by the PassivHaus Institute, that they should all be the same. We can see why a lower U value for the roof might be a good idea; the roof is higher and subject to 

Here is a list of the 6 best roofing material alternatives, including clay tiles, single-ply over built-up roofing, standing seam panels, and more.

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