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If you decide wood's no good, Ian, then some alternatives come into play. They include composite lumber ( is one example of this), plastic, PVC, and aluminum. Pure plastic isn't ideal for decks because it lacks strength, and well, you know how I feel about PVC. Aluminum is a decent deal ecologically 

All You Need To Know About Building And Caring For Your Outdoor Deck There's a lot to love about a deck, a patio, a pergola or a terrace, especially if there's also a view to be enjoyed. Deck It's a very expensive type of wood and is also subject to ecological concern regarding its harvesting conditions.

Exotic wood deck tiles are the obvious solution for anyone who wants to take advantage of their fast simple installation. In addition, enthusiasts will be able to create numerous patterns on the ground. Each exterior space can be fitted with our range of deck tiles : landscape gardens, garden paths, apartment balconies, paths, 

Teak wood is a popular choice for outdoor furniture because it's strong and weathers well, but this tropical tree takes many years to mature. Bamboo, a rapidly renewable material, is a more eco-friendly material choice for your patio furniture. If you're open to a material besides wood, look for patio furniture 

Technical and ecological assessment of the new material Resysta: Resysta looks like wood and stands out for its high mechanical strength, thermal stability as well as wood.It is therefore especially suitable for outdoor use like garden furniture and outdoor decking as well as for wellness and pool areas, where high strain, 

ModWood is leading the way with its environmentally friendly, low-maintenance range of wood composite decking boards, which are made from eco building ModWood's use of eco friendly decking materials makes our products particularly suitable for ecologically sensitive areas, as they contain no nasty chemicals that 

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