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Gulf Synthetics Deck Revive, Concrete Revive, and Dock Revive. Gulf Synthetics manufactures composite coatings for wood, and concrete, as well as a paint additive that extends the service life of paint applications. We were the first to introduce these unique products in the marketplace. Our coatings provide long-lasting, 

Penetrating deck sealers and deck stains simply recolor the splinters on your wood deck! End the annual deck maintenance by resurfacing your wood deck with Encore Composite Coating for wood. Encore is a durable composite coating that repairs wood decks and wood docks, filling in cracks, resurfacing over splinters, 

If your deck is constructed of older composite decking (installed prior to mid-2000), then you probably know what a big problem unsightly mildew growth has become. How to clean . Most stain manufacturers recommend removing previous coatings as they will prevent the new coating from penetrating into the wood pores.

Tips for your deck restore project: Protect the wood with special coatings made specifically for restoring your deck. Simply paint it with a thick, acrylic deck restoration coating, which will create a smooth surface that lasts for years. Switching over to composite decking is one option, though the cost may be prohibitive.

Can I apply ArmorRenew to composite or -type surfaces? -Yes you can but those surfaces should be coated first with our Flash Bond Bonding Primer. Will ArmorRenew 'fix' my deck wood or concrete? -ArmorRenew will fill in minor imperfections up to 1 4″. It is a coating that covers splintering and disintegrating areas.

This is excellent news if you have a wood deck that looks old and weathered, or a pool deck that's cracked and ugly, because you don't have to replace it anymore. Deck makeover: Introducing Rust-O-Leum Deck and Concrete Restore, a durable coating that's formulated to resurface most exterior wooden and composite 

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