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Museums and Gallery Floors. Museum & Gallery flooring by The Natural Wood Floor Co. Flooring in public spaces is under constant use, so as well as looking good, it needs to perform exceptionally well too. This point is perfectly illustrated by the solid oak floor installed at The Natural History Museum. With its landmark 

and Wood Flooring. The Flooring Guild is dedicated to raising standards in the flooring industry through the delivery of high quality training and education. We believe . Use soft castors especially with engineered wood floors. . Natural oil is very suitable for use in both domestic and public areas, such as dance floors and 

Floors are specifically designed to suit different rooms of your homes, working environments and public areas. Many floors have artificial compounds but wood is one of the only natural materials that can be used on flooring and like all things in this world it comes with its pros and cons. There are two main types of wood 

Change SV. Hardwood Flooring. Our hardwood floors are used in private homes, public areas and commercial spaces. Engineered hardwood flooring. Multi Layer construction Multi-layer. The multi layered engineered flooring board was originally invented by Kährs. Its use and design possibilities combined with 

Gleaming tongue-and-groove hardwood floors might seem like the standard for old houses, but that wasn't always the case, as a trip through wood flooring history illustrates. Appearing first in public rooms and kitchens, finished hardwood flooring quickly spread to bedrooms and other private areas.

On oiled floors: Vacuum the floor. Spray the area with Cleaner for Oiled Floors, use Microfiber Cleaning Pad and allow to dry properly. Apply Oil Refresher according to instructions, use a Microfiber Applicator Pad. If you still think the scratches are visible: Sand the area with very fine sandpaper. Add oil, and make sure you 

Where to lay it? Living areas, studies and playrooms. Some products include a waterproof core, which manufacturers claim are suitable for bathrooms and kitchens. If you're thinking of tackling these rooms, see our guides to planning a kitchen and planning a bathroom. If you do intend to lay laminate flooring in these rooms, 

Maintenance Guide for Oiled Wood Floors Abrasive particles of dirt and grit trafficked on to a wooden floor finished with oil can be very damaging suitable for use in homes as well as commercial public areas. NB: Do not use this product on floors treated with Bona Hardwax Oil or UV pre-finished oiled floors. Application:.

This means that it can be used in open public areas where windows let in copious amounts of UV radiation on a daily basis without having to worry. the use of special underlayment, which is installed beneath the laminate material in order to reproduce the sound of hardwood floor when you walk upon it.

In these cases, where the final results are less than what the consumer expected, it is important to inform the consumer that the condition of the wood floor construction can jeopardise the final results. . This can be appropriate in (for example) halls, kitchens, stairways, public environments and commercial areas. Only use 

July 2005) in two separate fires when the flammable lacquer floor get information on manufacturer's safety recommendations for all products being used, ignition sources in the house and how to keep the work area ventilated.

Wood-Flooring Subfloor-. Preparation Products. High-Performance Concrete Patch. Mapecem Quickpatch is a versatile, fast-setting, cementitious material used for the patching of interior exterior concrete surfaces including concrete floors, residential driveways, sidewalks and concrete pads. Mapecem 

Bona Wood Floor Cleaner is specially developed for efficient cleaning of varnished or hard-waxed wooden floors. This is a convenient, ready to use, pH neutral, spray-on cleaner. The special 'non-streaking' formulation leaves no build-up of sticky residue whilst effectively cleaning the toughest of dirt and grime. The cleaner 

Once a week, use a microfiber mop with a pH-neutral cleaner (like Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner; $9.50, or a homemade solution (1 If your floors see a lot of foot traffic, food spills, or pet mischief, have the surface sanded every 7 to 10 years or whenever you notice worn areas, loss of stain color, or gouges.

intensely to changes in air humidity than other kinds of wood, and are thus not recommended to be used in conjunction with floor heating. Floor heat should be distributed evenly throughout the whole floor area. With heated floors, the temperature of hardwood floors should never exceed 27 °C. The maximum floor surface 

A myriad of new patterns, textured surfaces and new finishes continues to reinvigorate the demand for hardwood flooring. The advent of impregnated wood has also resulted in hardwood flooring now being used in commercial and high-traffic public areas. Evolving technology and the development of new “engineered” 

Natural oak wood has been used as flooring in homes, public buildings and commercial properties for centuries and lasted the test of time in both fashion and longevity. Still an expensive option for home flooring that comes with high maintenance but it always wins to impress and looks beautiful when complimented with the 

Mop the floor, going along with the grain. For a polyurethane coated floor, dampen a mop with water and a few drops of dishwashing liquid. Be sure to ring out the mop thoroughly before using it on the floor. Run the mop back and forth, going with the grain of the wood in smooth strokes. Do not use water for lacquered or 

Occupational Health Surveillance Program- Massachusetts Department of Public Health. Office of the The sealer used in these incidents was highly flammable (flash area, if possible. Adequately ventilate work areas during wood floor finishing. Open windows; keep open during product application until product is dry.

For optimal care, ensure entrances are properly designed and have an area for wiping shoes. Below you Kährs Maintenance Guide for wood flooring in public areas Day-to-day cleaning should be based on dry methods such as vacuuming or sweeping, as use of water and cleaning agents increases the need for further 

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