composite waterproof deck systems

BiForm offers a complete floating deck system for laying over waterproof membrane or concrete.

decks, mezzanines and roofs over occupied space.. FEATURES. Material is applied in a series of trowel coats: latex membrane with integral composite flashings, and a flexible cementitious traffic surfacing. A proprietary “slip-sheet” designed to separate the Weatherwear membrane system from the substrate which permits it 

There are of course a range of under deck ceiling products available where some form of ceiling or channeling system is installed on the underside of the deck to carry water away to the sides. But the major problem is the cost of these systems. Generally such products require installation by licensed contractors and are not 

LockDry aluminum waterproof decking is a maintenance free deck product that creates a waterproof area under the deck. LockDry is ideally used for roof decks, 2nd story decks and replacements to underdeck ceilings and composite decking. Waterproof Aluminum Decking - The One Step Roof Deck System.

This system combines a masonry waterproofing agent and a lightweight concrete that allows the thin set to adhere to the deck in order to install exterior with our Hydrostop systems to minimize deck penetrations and allow water to shed from the wood or composite to the deck and away from the structure.

Vulkem 360 351NF - Vulkem 360 351NF is a neighbour friendly Pedestrian Deck Coating System. The Vulkem 360 351NF is an attractive composite waterproofing system, composed of tough-curing liquid polyurethane rubber. Vulkem H2 Plus - Vulkem H2 Plus is a water based, polyurethane waterproofing membrane with 

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