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Reproduced with permission from TRADA (Timber Research and Development Association). Decking beam span illustration Q-Deck. Joist and Beam Span Tables. Strength Grading. For decks 600mm or more above ground level, support posts should be of strength graded material. If you need strength graded components 

All products are manufactured from H3 LOSP. Radiata Pine to either F7 or GL8 structural grade and are to be used in accordance with the relevant span table. .. MAX. RIDGE BEAM SPAN. INTERNAL FLOOR JOISTS AND DECK JOISTS. DECK BEARERS. RAFTERS AND BATTENS. JOIST. BEARER. JOIST SPACING.

The Titan post anchor is the most advanced hidden wood post anchoring system of its kind. The anchor is hidden within the post unlike unsightly bulky exterior metal post brackets. The future is here. See the Titan.

Section 2: Deck Framing Calculations. The frame of a deck is usually constructed from pressure-treated softwoods which are both durable & affordable. The framing is mainly made up of the decking posts, which secure the structure; supporting beams, which add structural stability; joists, repeated lengths of wood which are 

With inputs for joist span, lumber species, dead and live loads and exterior exposure, you can find just the right joist for your deck.

Once you've decided to undertake the project, the most critical part is the planning and calculation of the timber you require for your joists and bearers in order to properly support your decking structure. The process involved in planning for your deck involves several steps, firstly, you need to calculate the 

To help you get everything you need a project shopping list is on the back page of this leaflet, you'll find advice on calculating material quantities throughout, too. . If you are joining two cut deck boards together in a long run, screw them down at an angle 10mm from the end of each board to securely fix them to the joist 

Learn to use the joist calculator to easily determine the distance your deck joists can span between beams depending on the joist spacing and lumber species.

Noggins are required where joists span continuously over internal beam supports. Note: These span tables have been prepared to assist in the PRELIMINARY design of timber deck structures, eg for species selection and initial member sizing. The detailed structural design for an individual deck will need to be confirmed by 

Enter cost per linear metre and wastage % for Stumps, Bearers, Joists and Boards to Calculate individual and Total Costs. Linear metres and cost are auto updated when the deck is re-calculated, with individual costs for stumps, bearers and joists displayed in each section. Hit and - buttons to open or close spacing, 

Use our simple online decking calculator to quickly estimate the number of decking boards and joists required to create your timber garden deck. AWBS.

The layout term for joists is “On Center” which is the center to center measurement from one joist to the next. Most decks use 16" on center spacing for joists. Most decking is not strong enough to support longer spans than 16". Some builders reduce joist spacing to 12" on center to strengthen the deck frame or to increase 

Decking Calculator. Please fill out the short questionnaire below and we will email you a detailed decking quote within 2 working days. We find online calculators not to be very accurate and will more often 150 x 47 joists are recommended for raised decks but 100 x 47 can be used if decking won't be getting heavy usage.

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