how many boards do need for a 700 sq foot deck

The type of deck boards you use will also factor into your overall cost. Where you're Post holes will have to be augured and the posts set in place before any construction can begin. . Ford typically charges between $2 and $3 per square foot to demolish a deck, with an average job costing about $700.

If you already know how many square feet you have to cover, you can easily convert that amount to linear feet. Converting Square Feet to Linear Feet: 1. Start with the amount of square feet you have to cover and multiply it by 12. 2. Next, divide that figure by the actual face width of the board you plan to use. This will give you 

Wood decks come in a variety of styles and sizes, and they can be made of many different types of wood. Cedar Wood. The average cost of cedar wood decking is $3.75 sf. Cedar is One big value is that it's highly rot-resistant and does not need to be treated with wood preservatives. Sealers with UV 

The average homeowner spends about $7,000 to build a 200-500 square foot deck, with smaller decks costing as low as $2,000. The cost of your project will . Before you start calculating and estimating how much it will cost to build your deck, you should ask yourself how much deck you really need. It might be tempting to 

For larger decks, you can calculate the total square footage of decking you need by multiplying the length of the deck surface times the width. Allow for overhangs. Then buy enough lineal feet of decking to make up the deck area plus the waste allowance. Make actual counts of posts, beams, joists, and 

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