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Original Panel Siding. The natural look of cedar; No groove panels also available; Pre-primed for exceptional paint adhesion; Significantly lighter and stronger than comparable fiber cement; Eliminates need for diagonal bracing on load-bearing walls; Free of knots and common defects; Treated for fungal decay and termite 

laP Siding COnStruCtiOn (Benefits and Disadvantages). 1 M4 Exterior sheathing structural panel. 2 Water resistive barrier. 3 Fasteners (non-corrosive). 4 Siding (Cedar Smooth) Plank. BeneFitS. Initial price, non-combustible sheathing, and is termite, mold and water resistant. diSadVantageS: Higher energy consumption.

Thickest Fiber Cement Panels in the Industry; Panel thickness create deeper, more dramatic shadows, grooves and keyways; Impervious to Termites; Resistant to Warping and Shrinkage; Highly Durable and Resistant to Minor Impact; Will not rot or fall victim to pest. Nichiha Fiber Cement, Architectural Wall Panels, wall 

Most siding consists of pieces of weather-resistant material that are smaller than the wall they cover, to allow for expansion and contraction of the materials due to moisture and temperature changes. There are various styles of joining the pieces, from board and batton, where the butt joints between panels is covered with a 

HORIZONTAL FLUSH SIDING, HORIZONTAL LAP SIDING, VERTICAL FLUSH SIDING. Sizes: 4”-24” in Height, 8',10', or 12' in Length, and 8, 10, or 13mm in Thickness. Material Types: Solid Phenolic or Fiber Cement Panels. Benefits: Complete Design insect damage since our products are termite resistant. More Value.

Durable and long lasting, Fiber Cement siding is also fireproof in addition being rot and pest proof. James Hardie Hardie Siding is engineered to resist termites, rot, fade, warping and cracking. Hardie Hardie board siding can mimic almost any other siding material, including cedar shingles, lap boards, and wood siding.

Although it is water-resistant it is not waterproof. Poor installation can lead to water seeping behind the paneling which leads to mold and other issues; It is known to warp and bend under extreme weather conditions of both heat & cold; The color you choose is permanent. Unlike other siding that can be repainted different 

Siding is the outermost material of the Exterior Wall and must shed water to avoid moisture penetration. Brick siding sits in front of the exterior wall with an air gap between the wall and the siding. This popular siding option is durable, can be painted to look like wood and resistant to rot and termites.

You'll need to install vertical wood furring strips to which the siding will be attached before installing the siding over concrete or concrete block walls. And because of the cement and sand content, it's termite-resistant. Wall panels with vertical grooves and soffit panels for the underside of overhangs are also available.

Homeowners can benefit from lower maintenance and repair costs because HardieFlex fiber cement boards are resistant to a host of destructive factors such as termites, fire, A siding board that looks like wood but doesn't act like wood in the sense that HardiePlank siding is termite resistant, moisture damage resistant, 

Wall. Protect your house with Wall product from Conwood which is a termite resistant and fire resistant. Wall product from Conwood made for interior and exterior user, this panels fast and easy to use. The Panels of wall product from Conwood can give you a modern and classic look for your house or construction. Conwood 

More often though, batts of rolled fiberglass insulation are installed over the girts before our Stucco Wall Panels are attached. Vinyl siding is resistant to heat, cold, and moisture and is certified to withstand winds up to 110 miles per hour. Some products also include an organic, non-toxic termite and insect repellent.

“Vinyl siding was the predominant exterior wall material on 31 percent of the 569,000 homes built, compared to 25 percent for brick, 22 percent for stucco, and 16 “Fiber-cement siding should be more durable than wood—it is termite-resistant, water-resistant, noncombustible, and warranted to last 50 years,” says NAHB's 

Light commercial buildings put any exterior cladding to the test, but few can withstand the increased demands and come out looking as beautiful as LP SmartSide products. LP SmartSide Panel and Lap Siding are fast becoming a popular choice for building owners who want the extraordinary curb appeal of wood-grain 

Foundation Insulation Panels - Insulate and dress up bare foundation walls using coated rigid insulation. use termite resistant insulation for termite infested regions. .. Here's Why You Should Install Foundation Insulation Panels .. How to Replace Siding Refresh your house's exterior by replacing damaged siding.

FOAM INSULATED—The Polar Wall Plus! Exterior System features a foam insulated backing to help you reduce heating and cooling bills. IMPACT-RESISTANT—Up to. 4 times the impact resistance of unreinforced vinyl siding panels. LOW-MAINTENANCE—Because the solid vinyl siding color goes all the way through, the 

It's the only siding that combines the performance of masonry—minimal upkeep; rot-, fire-, and termite-proof; unaffected by wind or cold—with the look of . For panels, simply divide the total square footage of your exterior walls—including windows and doors, which account for waste—by the number of square feet in one 

Wood Based. Siding. Vinyl Siding. Non-Combustible. X. 30-Year Warranty. X. Rot Resistant. X. X. Impervious to Termites. X. X. Non-Toxic to Inhabitants. X. X . Smooth Wall Look Without The Hassle. FCS Panel. ▫ No wait time for curing. ▫ Start internal fit out immediately. ▫ Cut weeks off timeline. ▫ No more stucco mess on 

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