remove citronella from composite decking

decking is made from recycled wood and plastic, designed to mimic the appearance of natural wood. It's durability and resistance to weather makes it ideal for outdoor applications. Citronella oil from tiki torches and candles can spill on your deck, and should be cleaned within seven days to prevent staining.

Enjoying an evening on a wood deck is a common pleasure of summer. Candles offer subtle illumination, and in the case of citronella candles, keep biting insects at bay. Spilled wax can mar the beauty of a wooden deck and may be difficult to remove. Chances are that you will not notice the spill until 

Patio stains, stone stains and garage stains can be difficult to remove. Pour-N-Restore Composite Deck Spot Remover makes it easy to remove cooking oil stains, food grease stains, transmission fluid stains and more! This oil stain remover will work hard on multiple surfaces to remove stains and keep your patio looking 

If all other cleaning techniques fail to clean or remove stains from your composite deck, you may try sanding or having a professional powerwash the deck.

Composite decking installed prior to 2000 may have a mildew growth problem. Here we show you how to clean and seal the right way. Take a look!

Keep in mind, goes through an inevitable bleaching, fading or weathering process when exposed to sunlight and the outdoor elements resulting in the second biggest complaint after cleaning issues; color fade. Legitimate composite deck 

decking is a composite material made of wood and recycled plastics. There are benefits to the composite decking, including a lower incidence of rot, because the plastic

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I have a really tough stain(s) on my composite and can't get it them out with Corte Clean , what should I do? Answer: Sprinkle Will Corte Clean remove citronella oil stains from a mosquito candle? Answer: The composite has slight discolorations where stains were after being thoroughly cleaned with Corte Clean .

Cynthia asked: How do I remove wax from a wooden deck? We had a citronella candle on our composite deck that melted, and some wax fell onto the deck. What is the best way to remove the wax stain from a composite deck? Removing wax from any surface can be tricky if there are grooves or pores for the wax to soak 

CORTE CLEAN is the proven solution for cleaning and inexpensively routinely maintaining composites of all common staining issues including mold & mildew stains, black spots, grease, oil, barbecue, tannin, leaf, pine needle, chalk, berries, sunscreen, olive oil, citronella candle oil, peanut butter, red wine, pet food, hard 

Should I have my deck stripped? Why is the floor lighter than the railings? Why doesn't my deck bead up? How long must my deck dry before use? If my deck is new, does it need to be washed first? Can you remove grill grease or citronella candle oils from my deck? How often do I need to wash my composite deck?

Rhino Hide's frequently asked questions. 300-400 sq. ft. for composite decking; 250-300 sq. ft. for natural wood; 150-250 sq. ft. for concrete, cement. Will it change the color of my deck or make it look wet? UltraMean2 removed the oily stains from our citronella mosquito candle. But will it clean the grease from our BBQ 

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