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The understructure frame—posts, beams, joists—of virtually every deck is made of PT lumber. PT decking is the most affordable The newest entries into the real-wood decking market come from Africa, South America, Malaysia, the Phillipines, and other faraway places. Most have exotic-sounding names 

NOAG'S MARKET. Was founded by the De Lange family in 1992. Initially operating from a small office, NOAG's has rapidly expanded its client base through service excellence, and have proven themselves as South Africa's leading stockist in treated and untreated timber poles . learn more. ( 27) 11 396 2300 1 2 3 We're 

Secure Set contains no CFC's or HFC's to create it's cellular structure. It's original use is to set power poles for utility companies and fence posts for residential and commercial projects. Other uses include: setting street light poles, road and traffic signs, mail boxes, flagpoles, pergolas, deck posts, bird houses and satellite 

PSP Timber Industries is one of the foremost suppliers of quality treated timber and wood products in the Southern Cape, South Africa.

How to build a deck: a step by step guide from the basics to the home decking materials you need. how to build a deck in south africa. If you want to upgrade What you need to be sure of is the installation of posts; if posts are not secured tightly, the weight of your deck might not be supported properly.

Institute For Timber Construction SA. Concepts, Timber Deck Member of the Institute for Timber Construction South Africa (ITC-SA), shares insight into the dos and don'ts of timber decking, from Support posts should not be supported on fill at the edge of a new embankment which will subside with time.

Image showing Postsaver applied to fence posts supporting decking. Decking supports a key structural element that can rot and fail with serious consequences. Wooden decking supports perform a key role in keeping your decking standing If they rot in the ground then your garden decking could become unsafe

Timber Grade. The grade (strength class) of timber used for structural components such as posts, beams and joists shall be sufficient to cope with the loads placed upon it during its service life. The higher strength classes, should be specified where smaller component sections, longer spans or commercial deck performance 


How to build a deck in 9 easy steps: Building a deck can seem intimidating, but with careful planning and attention to detail you can create a beautiful deck in one Take note that the more complicated the deck is, the harder the job will be, so a flat deck will be much easier to create than a raised deck.

Where you can purchase treated timber in South Africa. Type of product: Electrical & telephone poles, x-arms-, building and fencing -, cylindrical and post & rails Products: Electrical & telephone poles , building and fencining poles guardrails & spacer blocks , structural pine & decking material, saligna post & railing 

When it comes to the bedding of support posts, make sure that the a deck plank. For example, if a 35mm deck board is to be used, the spacing between bearers should be about 700mm. When the terrain is rocky, it may be difficult . 16 Indus Road, Marburg · Port Shepstone · PO Box 54344, Marburg, 4252 · South Africa.

The main product line Ocean Timber Products sells in Durban is Balau deck boards.We sell these both in 19 x 68 mm and 19 x 90 mm Balau reeded (grooved) deck bo.

Decking posts are a key structural element supporting your decking that can rot and fail with serious consequences. Wooden deck posts perform a key role in keeping your decking standing If your decking supports rot in the ground then your garden decking will become unsafe The cost of replacing your decking posts 

How to make a wooden deck. project among DIYers, so here's a deck to inspire and challenge you. South African Wood Preservers Association When it comes to the bedding of support posts, make sure that the bottom of the posts are not encased in concrete (See How to Plant a Pole). This will ensure that water 

All our decks are built to stringent NBSA regulations and all elevated decks are endorsed by a structural engineer. The structure (underside) of the deck can be hardwood or Tanalized SA Pine. The choice is one of costs, visibility and aesthetics. The support posts can range from simple turned Tanapoles to double timber 

Contributing editor Kim Katwijk traveled to South Africa last winter to see how decks are built there. South African deck builders have begun to frame with metal instead, using metal 3 ½-inch-deep steel joists supported by double 2x6 metal beams that are welded to steel posts spaced 4 feet on-center.

Build a deck: A deck is one of the most basic structures in home construction, and most do-it-yourselfers have the skills to build one. Read here about the main steps in building a deck and click through for detailed instructions.

Originally Posted by MickeyD View Post. We have a wooden deck 6.8m x 3.4m raised about 8-12 feet off the ground (house is on a slope). All wood. Now, 7 years later, I need to replace 2 or 3 planks so we are considering the ecowood route as well. Pros for wood: price and ease of construction. Pros for 

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