fix fence post to concrete slab

By far the easiest of the gate posts to fix and supplied in the same material as your gates (softwood gates then softwood fixing stiles etc.) 2 Keep the post off the floor (so it's not sitting in any water) and lines up with the gates when hung (normally you aim to keep the gates off the floor by around 50mm (2 inches) so aim 

Hi, the best thing I've found is cutting some wedges of wood and sliding the in between the fence and the concrete post best to screw them in place if possible to help secure the fence in the post channel. Answered 11th Apr 2012. Did you find this helpful? 13. srr property maintenance. Member since 3 Nov 

Different ways to fix fence posts to ground including bolting them down. Using metal post There are several ways to fix, anchor or support fence posts and the most common is to concrete them in. It is shown on the left and as you can see it sits flat on the floor and is bolted or screwed down in all four corners. Rawl bolt.

The simple answer is YES we can absolutely install fencing and gates into brick paving or concrete. There are a couple of different ways this Whenever you are installing fencing or gates it is extremely important that the foundations or footings of the posts are appropriate. The appropriate size of a post 

Replacing wood fence posts set in concrete. Family Handyman: garden-structures fences fence-post-repair view-all. Electric jackhammer? No need for a 90-pound Our local rental place had one, made quick work of rerouting a drain line under a concrete slab. Logged 

Pour new concrete footing - Repairing Maintaining Fences and Gates. Finish by mixing bagged concrete with water and pour the new footings. Slope the concrete away from the posts so water will drain away. Remove the braces after the concrete has hardened, in about 48 hours.

And when they do need repairing, it's essential to treat them as soon as possible to prevent the rest of the fence being impacted. That's where we can help. Read on for our handy tips on how to: remove a wooden fence panel or post; reinforce a rotten fence post with a concrete spur; fix a broken arris rail. Once you've 

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