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Compare the costs of timber frame, masonry and SIPs to decide which wall system is right for your build and balance cost with quality. The blockwork prices above don't account for any openings or the lintels and cavity closers that each of those requires. Meanwhile, when one receives a price for a timber 

When it comes to specifying your external walls and your ultimate choice of construction system there's a wide range of really credible options to choose from. Each will have core benefits, which generally fluctuate around price, speed of build, performance, eco-friendliness and aesthetics. Getting the 

Introduction. Need an extra bedroom, en-suite bathroom or home office? Creating this by putting up a stud wall is a much easier and cheaper option than moving house.

Using a stencil can help you renovate your wall at an inexpensive price. Many starter homes are older and in need of work ranging from a little TLC to major repairs. You may need to renovate the walls in a new bungalow, but you may not be able to afford a complete overhaul. Some jobs can be completed on a shoestring 

Visit our Outdoor Ideas page on pinterest for inspiration for garden walls. wall-9. precast-products privacy-fencing. A common sight around many homes, vibracrete or precast concrete walls have been a fast and affordable solution for enclosing a property. Cast concrete panels are supported via 

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