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100 Percent Wood-Free Composite Construction. Water and wood don't mix well. At SouthWind, we believe wood in boat building is a thing of the past. That's why SouthWind uses only the latest, strongest composite materials available in building our deck boats. Not only are SouthWind hulls and decks wood-free, but all 

Wood-Free Composite Construction. Triton Stringer System Most fiberglass fishing boats are built with wood in such strategic areas as the stringer system, transom, deck and floor. Over time, wood can rot, leading to structural failures. Even wood thoroughly encapsulated with fiberglass still contains water and can expand 

At Dufour Yachts, workers stack dry, precut fiberglass panels on a deck mold in preparation for its resin infusion. The layup includes a foam core, the green sheets of which you can see in the left of the photo. In the first installment of this two-part series (“Decoding the Matrix"), the composite parts we 

Deck Gallery. Title #0. XLM Deck. XLM deck w access door - Oroville, CA. Title #1. XLM Deck. XLM Deck - Oroville, CA. Title #2. XLM Deck. XLM Deck, Bird's Eye View - Oroville, CA. Title #3. Boat Dock. Boat Dock - Oroville, 

Wood certainly does not lend itself to mass production the way fiberglass does, though there were a few builders who manufactured wood boats on something like a production basis not long before . But the most exciting wooden boatbuilding these days is done with composite wood-epoxy construction.

The teak was laid on the deck frames and then caulking was used to seal the gap between the planks. Nowadays with composite construction teak decking is now a symbol of a good quality boat not a form of construction. Teak Decks on boats are very expensive in both materials and labor. A quick estimate 

These products are tested by us: for QUALITY, delivery efficiency and customer service; for MARINE applications (24" centers); for INSTALLATION ease; BEST “bang-for-the-buck”. Tech Deck. Our own exclusive desgin—The finest, most cost effective composite decking in the industry. Looks like wood. Designed for dock 

Some boats use composites in throughout in both the hull and deck. Even with solid fiberglass hulls, stringers and bulkheads are used to provide a strengthening gird that keeps the fiberglass laminate from flexing too much. Fiberglass Composite. When folks refer to composite boat construction, they 

The traditional boat building material used for hull and spar construction. Teak or iroko is usually used to create the deck and any superstructure. Cold-Molding is a composite method of wooden boat building that uses 2 or more layers of thin wood, called veneers, oriented in different directions, 

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