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From pressure-treated wood to exotic hardwoods, we work with a variety of wood materials for deck building. No matter what design you choose for your deck, we have solutions to complement your needs. Our wood deck designers can work with you to find the right materials for your taste, budget, and deck layout.

Your ability to enjoy your deck may be diminished if algae infiltrates the wood, making it more than a bit unsightly. If left for too long to the deck, too. It and the moisture it feeds on can eat away at the wood, posing a risk to its structural integrity. That issue makes it important to regularly clean wooden decks and walkways.

This collection features a number of different styles of walkway patterns in brick, flagstone, and even wood. We feature every permutation from solid, unbroken paths with elaborately patterned constructions, to loosely strung together walkways consisting of single points along a vaguely defined line. Some of these are more 

Many people make great use of the area close to their home or building by installing wooden decks and then end up using a different landscape element to connect other areas of the space. However, by using wood decking for more than just the deck itself, like walkways, you may actually be able to save 

This was a mangaris walkway sealed with penofin hardwood stain. The planks were custom made and each piece was tapered to achieve the curves. Fasteners were plugged for a blind fastened appearance. I'm sure we could design a walkway for you in CAD if you have your measurements. Coastal water fountain deck 

How to build pallet walkway, deck, sidewalk. one of them plastic molds to pour quickcrete into decorative walkways would be longer lasting and less work, all u need is a wheelbarrow and a I might try deck footings (plastic or concrete moulds the wood sits on) to keep the wood off the ground. thanks!.

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