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This perception of the past is only partly accurate—in truth, polished hardwood floors (and room-size oriental carpets) were not commonplace until the late 19th century. Before that time, wood was indeed the predominant material used in flooring, but its appearance was much humbler than you might 

Laminate flooring is one of the most popular flooring choices around. It's easier to install than solid-wood hardwood floors and is much less expensive. Laminate floors get their name because they're composed of different wood-based materials that are layered, or laminated, together then topped with a wood grain 

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Historic Decorative Materials, a division of Pavé Tile, Wood & Stone, Inc. is an e-commerce site that supplies reclaimed and aged French, Belgian and Italian tile, brick, stone, wood and terra cotta flooring to the fine home building market. After 20 years in business, co-owner François Micallef born and raised in the South of 

While there are plenty of different options, from carpet to terrazzo, one material is the acknowledged standard: hardwood. But not all hardwood flooring is created equal, and selecting a product isn't simply a matter of choosing a preferred color. A range of other factors can have an impact on both aesthetics 

It is usually seen on walls or in your favorite bottle of wine, but it is great material for floors. Cork is Bamboo. Bamboo flooring is another wood like option that is gaining in popularity. Linoleum is created from a concoction of linseed oil, cork dust, tree resins, wood flour, pigments and ground limestone.

Great In Formal Spaces: Parquet flooring is one of the most elegant and decorative flooring options available. It takes the unique personal beauty of natural hardwood materials and marries them to artistic design. Because of this, these floors work particularly well in formal, upscale locations such as living 

Made from real timber, solid wood flooring is hard-wearing and durable, making it ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, studies and hallways. It comes in individual panels that are easy to install. It ages beautifully and feels warm underfoot. We offer a range of finishes, from bamboo to solid oak, all of which can be sanded down 

Glow Decor Getty Images. Bedroom Finding the best bedroom flooring material requires you to evaluate your options based on a number of different criteria. Most hardwood floors have little or no insulation, which means that those dwelling below may be able to clearly hear every footstep you take.

The choice of material for floor covering is affected by factors such as cost, endurance, noise insulation, comfort and cleaning effort. Some types of flooring must not be installed below grade, including laminate and hardwood due to potential damage from moisture. The sub-floor may be finished in a way that makes it usable 

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From classic hardwood to trendy concrete, explore flooring surfaces to find the best option for your lifestyle and budget with help from HGTV.

Established in 1996, ALSTON INC. is the Manufacture, Importer and Distributor of ALSTON Brand products. Headquartered in Los Angeles , USA. Our product line includes premium Floor covering and Hand Crafted wood Carving decorative materials . We are committed to quality, customer satisfaction and the environment.

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Modern flooring ideas bring new material combinations and artistic floor decoration patterns into interior design and decorating. Combining wood and floor tiles, cork floor tiles and ceramic tiles, carpet flooring and tiles or carpet tiles and wood laminate give interior design and home decorating a custom look. Here is a 

It's a good idea to choose your floor at the same time as your cabinetry, and put together a palette of colours and materials. Modern porcelain Generally, porcelain and stone tiles are fine with underfloor heating, but wood floors are not always suitable (wood generally prefers stable conditions). Check with 

An idea to give a body to the imagination and dreams, joined with material per excellence of the architecture of the next twenty years. Brilliance of nature and human genius in comparison. The stunning styles of our decorative wooden flooring meets the best tradition of wood décor and the new trends of interior design.

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