deck be laid directly on the ground

Ensure that the ground is firm and level before covering with a weed-control fabric (there is nothing more unsightly than weeds poking their spindly arms through a beautifully laid deck) and a layer of gravel. Place paving slabs (for additional stability) at all corners and midway along each of the supports (this is where your 

problem cover deck in cost effective solution!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well you blew that straight out of the water laying the decking like that LOL. Read more what will a 35 fee by 35 feet deck cost. at ground level You should rename this "Building a deck on top of concrete patio" it would get a lot more views.

Patio Walkway Pavers -- lay them down first for a few days and let the grass color tell you where to dig when you are ready to actually install them Build and stain a short deck over the ground to cover an old cement slab or gravel. love the gray color they chose! .. Patio Designs for Straight Houses Tagged "Fire Pit .

Building a ground level deck is shown in the sequence below. The principles demonstrated here will be similar with all decks, but always follow any manufacturer's instructions carefully. I've also shown how to build an ideal foundation, or base, if you are laying directly on grass. In my view, this is an 

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