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Our decks are made of composite vinyl that will not shrink or warp. Our EnDeck material comes in 8 beautiful colors and looks great in any setting. Vinyl Decking is virtually maintenance free.This means your deck won't stain or scratch and never needs sanding, staining or waterproofing. It also has a textured non-slip 

Adding a hot tub, however, requires careful planning everything from adding structural supports to locating the tub to understanding electrical requirements must be taken into A quick tip: Delivering and installing these behemoths can be challenging. It never needs staining, sanding, or refinishing.

Available in vinyl, an EverNew maintenance-free deck offers a number of performance advantages over wood. EverNew is a virtually maintenance-free deck that never needs staining or painting. The deck planks feature an easy-to-clean surface and exceptional durability. An EverNew deck delivers long-term performance 

decking resists termites, won't rot, warp, or splinter and never needs staining or painting. What's more, Although costs more initially, you'll never have to sand, stain or paint your deck. Over the life of your With Transcend, the beautiful deck you install now will look just as beautiful for decades to come.

With composite decking, you never need to worry about sanding, staining or painting. Just an occasional soap-and-water cleaning is all that's needed to maintain stability and beauty for decades. decking even comes with a 25-year Fade and Stain Warranty, ensuring that it will continue to look and perform as well as 

Find out why natural wood, like Kebony, is now the best low maintenance decking option on the market today. Decks add value, convenience and fun to any property they're installed on. Whether you Consumers appreciate that it doesn't require staining or sealing and is available in a variety of colors.

Decking Peace of mind for a lifetime. decking never needs to be stained or sanded, which allows you to enjoy your deck rather than maintain it. With an enhanced real-wood look and strength If you prefer wood decking, Manor Roofing can install real pressure-treated wood decks as well. We'll work with you to 

Unlike natural wood, this decking resists the harmful effects of termites. In addition, it won't cup, rot, or splinter. Its state of the art manufacturing process never needs painting or staining either. Because it is also made from 95% recycled materials, installing any of 's remarkable lines of products will make you feel very 

Never apply a deck stain to unprepped wood. Use an 80-grit abrasive in a 6″ random orbit sander. Deck Stain Essential#2: Prepare new wooden decks differently than old ones before finishing. You wouldn't manage your teenager the same way as your elderly parents. Old and new decks require the 

Over the past year, we have numerous questions asked on the site, but none was asked more than “What stain or prep is needed for my new deck”? There seems to be an opinion among homeowners that is okay to stain new wood right away or even before the deck is installed. This is incorrect for most 

Wooden deck. Wood decking is cheaper to install, but requires more maintenance. (Photo courtesy of Angie's List member Sarah D. of St. Charles, Mo.) A stripping and sanding will be required every six years before you perform the annual deck stain, which will cost about $900 total. If you're maintaining 

When applying TWP Wood Stains for the first time to new wood there will need to be proper steps taken. New smooth wood or decking is not ready to be pre-stained prior to installation or stained right after installation. It is best to follow the directions of the stain manufacturer when it comes to applying a coating to new wood 

Outback Deck Inc. is your expert deck contractor offering composite deck installation, custom deck designs and more in Georgia. Contact today to get your The deck will never need to be bleached or stained, and you can save the money that you would otherwise be spending on deck coatings and cleaning. Available in 

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