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Alternative to Replacing Deck Boards . Deck makeover: Introducing Rust-O-Leum Deck and Concrete Restore, a durable coating that's formulated to resurface most exterior wooden and composite deck surfaces. It's even great for . See More. Power-washing is one of the best ways to clean mold from a wood deck 

The choice between wood and wood alternatives (PVC and capped-composities) is not only a matter of cost. Wood is soft and cool to the touch. There are both low- and high-maintenance wood options, and wood can meet the needs for both a showcase and a background deck. Wood decking choices 

Rebuild an Old Deck With New Decking and Railings. House SkirtingMobile Home SkirtingMobile Home DeckDeck SkirtingShed Skirting IdeasDecks For Mobile HomesStep Railing OutdoorDeck Railing Ideas DiyWood Deck Railing. building under deck screening with cedar skirt boards (step 

Nothing else can match the character and patina of a wooden deck worn down in just the right places from years of wonderful outdoor living. But with all that solid-wood awesomeness comes the requisite care and maintenance. Unlike some alternatives, such as concrete, brick pavers, or synthetic deck 

That being said, paint is still a viable alternative. You may This is not something that can be achieved with oil or stain, which retain some of the natural colour of the wood. You should Firmtread is our favourite option and the best deck paint for those looking to give their old deck a new, polished look.

How come finish manufacturers can't deliver the same level of long-lasting reliability for exterior wood as we've come to expect in other areas of consumer life? And more importantly, what can you do to spend the least amount of time and effort applying the best, longest-lasting finish to your wooden deck 

Careful kiln drying is a must to produce a good decking product. Using in a dry climate for decking can be slightly risky because of these shrinkage issues. The red brown color is similar to , and when combined with its high density and hardness, makes a viable alternative to . It is readily available and 

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