best wood flooring for 2nd floor

Emily Morrow of Shaw Floors says her company is seeing more people who miss the comfort and quiet of carpet. So, if the thought of hardwood makes your feet hurt, here are 5 good reasons to choose carpet: “Economic realities are motivating people to take a second look at carpet,” says Murphy. “You can install a 

its seems that even the nicest houses i see with all wood on the entire first floor(even in downstairs bedrooms)-almost always have carpet on the.

I am curious to hear the pros and cons on putting hardwood floors at the stairs and upstairs hallway. See why an engineered wood floor could be your best choice (and no one will know but you) Efficient space planning, increased storage and light finishes transform an underutilized second floor.

Physical comfort: The fact that it is soft and warm makes carpet just about the most comfortable flooring material you can stand on. This can be especially important when standing for long periods of time, where harder wood floors can cause pain in feet, ankles, and knees. A good carpeting with a dense 

Quality vinyl flooring that is backed with foam and has a cushioned, flexible surface, makes it a good choice for a sound reduction, but as with everything else, you . We are on the first floor of a 2 storey commercial strata unit and the office above ours has either laminate or hardwood installed directly over the concrete floors 

This is when you can hear impact noise coming from the room above you, such as footsteps, furniture dragging, and items dropping. If the room above you belongs to someone else and you can't make changes to the floor above, you'll have to do the best you can by treating your own ceiling. But it's always best to reduce 

Upper level room: carpeting is best because hardwood flooring is a pitiful noise insulator for rooms below. 7. TV Entertainment Room: carpeting is best for sound quality. 8. Foyer: hardwood. Currently our home is unique with the living space on the second floor and bedrooms on the first floor. Our living space upstairs is all 

Building Regulations Approved Document E (2003, with various updates since), outlines the technicalities of this obligation, but generally speaking you need to apply a good deal of common sense when thinking about installing wood flooring in flats or apartments. A suitable wood floor option for flats and 

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