waterproof tongue and groove flat roof deck

The BBA and FM approved Protec system, which is also CE Marked and has an ETA, is our most popular and versatile roofing system. With a proven life expectancy of over 25 years and ideal for all flat roof types, size and designs, Protec is able to offer unrivaled performance and speed of application. Protec's liquid roof 

Tongue and Groove Timberboard Deck. Tongued and grooved boards are preferred over plain-edged to help minimise warping after natural shrinkage, which may cause damage to the waterproof covering. Plywood. Plywood for a roof deck should be of marine grade and suitable for external use to BS EN 636 or a bond 

selection of outstanding tongue-and-groove chipboard and associated products that have been created for use in a wide variety of residential applications and conditions. As well as providing you with the very highest quality, the EGGER Advanced range also gives you a choice of finishes and levels of protection that.

demanding roofing applications including: pitched roof (cold & warm), sarking bracing, flat roofs (cold deck, warm deck sandwich, warm deck inverted), roof cassettes and dormer windows. Panels are available in various sizes with both square edge (SE) and tongue & groove (T&G) profiled edges which enable quick, easy.

Flat roofs typically have a simple structure, with the waterproof covering laid over timber decking on timber joists. .. Waterproof layer. Tongue and groove boarding. Firrings. Ventilate if roof finish is lead or zinc. 50mm air path between joists. 08 The ceiling finish has been removed to allow access to the roof void. Insulation 

For low slope (membrane roof or waterproofing systems) it should provide positive slope to drain (required for a RoofStar 5-Year Roofing Guarantee, RoofStar Wood board decks include tongue-and-groove, shiplapped, or splined boards or planks usually ranging from 19 mm to 89 mm (nominal 1" to 4") thickness. Also 38 

OSB3 Tongue & Groove Sheet Timber For Flat Roofing, load bearing roofing & flooring applications supplied nationwide through our 4 physical branches & online.

Roof deck and trim battens This video is part 1 of a 5 part series that takes you through the process of How to fibreglass a flat roof. Some fibreglass suppliers and timber yards will deliver T&G (tongue & groove) but this can make costs spiral upwards which can be a problem in a competitive market. For any medium to 

Once we saw how badly the ceiling joists were rotted we stopped and built a temporary 2×4 wall underneath the roof and against the screen porch tongue-and-groove ceiling boards. Since the structural rim joist was rotted, this was necessary to support the ceiling joists and our body weight. Accessing the 

Easy WaterprooFIng. For Your Balcony &. Rooftop Deck. Turns a flat roof into a deck. Long lasting durability. Covers plywood, concrete, metal and fiberglass A roof deck is a flat walking deck built above an .. All panel edges, including tongue and groove plywood, should be supported on blocking or primary framing.

Waterproof the entire deck including the flashing 4. Install tongue and groove composite by gluing the compost on the membrane. Below the deck surface it's treated as a flat roof so the roofing company puts a rubber membrane down then a pressure treated 2×4 grid is built and put down as a sleeper and 

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