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I had one instance where I was doing an independent appraisal of a very large commercial deck at a government facility, and in 85-90 degree daytime temps, in the sushine the chocolate brown deck surface temp was 150 degrees, and the paint was softening so much it stuck to the bottom of your shoes a 

He also did a garage work table and that also looks very good. One thing that we did figure out. Don't buy expensive paint brushes. Any paintbrush you use is pretty much ruined with this paint. We bought cheap utility brushes and threw them away. Also, we used disposable tray liners. You should also know .if your deck is 

It is marketed as a thick paint product for wood decks that is outside of conventional restoration. Recently there have been Do not use on drivable surfaces such as garage floors and driveways. Behr Deckover Stain This liquid-armor resurfacer forms a tough, resilient coating over existing decking. It lasts for years with 

ArmorRenew Deck Resurfacer & Concrete Patio Resurfacer is a proprietary blend of acrylic polymers and military grade resins with concrete and stone powders. Now you can RESURFACE decks or patios by simply rolling on ArmorRenew Deck Paint & Concrete Resurfacer! ArmorRenew Deck & Patio Coating Colors.

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