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A growing number of contractors are using heating blankets to form PVC and composite decking into unique designs that follow the customers' lay of their and with both household incomes and existing home sales on the rise, we expect to see continued growth in the home improvement market,” Kermit 

Heat retention in composite decking. low-maintenance lifestyle, this is something to consider when making your product selections. This will be more of a factor for people with pool decks or where people are more likely to be barefoot, like more of a beach setting, or a dock. Steve Stelkic. Owner Sales 

For those who want a deck that's more Fonzie than Chachi, this device will not jump the shark. Building a deck made from composites? You really need to check-out this unit. What you get with the CustomCurve Heating and Bending Solution is an air-controlled furnace to heat the composite material, 

The CustomCurve heat box sells for $5,250 and it's another $699 for the bending table. doesn't expect to sell many of these to individual contractors they think most of their sales will be to material dealers who will rent or lend the device to the contractors who buy decking and rails from them.

Head-to-Head: Aluminum vs. Composite Decking. 28 November 2017 Author: Larry Harnish Decking Materials. Stuck between two durable decking options? Read on for a comparison of aluminum and composite decking materials, and see why composite comes out on top.

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