anti-fungus facade wall panels

With detailed appearances, whilst supporting the sustainable values that your building stands for. For both new and existing buildings, we aim to bring your project to life through freedom of design, complete delivery, easy installation, and low building maintenance. Are you looking for a sustainable rainscreen? Choose 

Fasade wall panels cover 32 square feet making it easier to enhance larger areas. To see how our panels beautify any space, preview styles and colors now!

A2.4 Paint Systems. Use suitable paint systems that could enhance weather protection and lengthen the cyclical period needed for façade re-painting (e.g. mineral or A3.1 External Walls. Regularity of the façade surface's plane will affect the even flow of runoff leading to water ponding, penetration and staining problems.

Facade system for horizontal or vertical laying; High fire resistance; A lock to allow secret-fixed installation; Good acoustic properties Wall sandwich panels with a mineral wool insulation core offer high fire resistance and thermal insulation properties. Good acoustic properties can be used for anti-noise measures.

The NF TF panels are universal facade panels for cladding all types of buildings. The IPN or QuadCore rigid foam core with closed cell structure offers breakthrough thermal insulating properties that are retained throughout the life of the building.

Trespa Meteon wall panels brings compelling aesthetic and nearly limitless design possibilities with various colours, rhythms and depths to next-generation architectural claddings. Trespa Meteon is a decorative high-pressure compact laminate (HPL) with an integral surface manufactured using Trespa's unique 

Easy-to-clean and disinfectable hygienic wall system for hospital walls preventing bacterial, fungal and mold growth, conforming to reputable hygienic and microbiological Decopan Anti Slip. Anti slip GRP laminates for commercial vehicle floorings. Decoplan Facade translucent architectural FRP GRP sheet panel 

Interior glazed systems allow for glass or opaque panel installation into the curtain wall openings from the interior of the building. Details are not .. Curtain wall leakage, both air and water, can contribute to IAQ problems by supplying liquid water and condensation moisture for mold growth. This leakage 

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