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If your deck was built with nails, simply pull out the nails or pry the boards up with a hammer and a pry bar. Take care when doing this as to not hurt yourself or the wood. Railings, stairs, and deck boards are in high demand due to their versatility. Weathered wood is perfect for all kinds of DIY projects. You can transform your 

The deck screws (in a mysterious combination of lengths) that were used were embedded deeply with wood that had expanded and contracted over the Demo Hammer DeWALT was nice enough to let me try out their brand new 22” Demolition Hammer (pictured above) and it is absolutely my go to 

I save some of the used deck lumber to build supports for posts while concrete sets shorter pieces for batter boards. Depending on the condition of the wood, there is likely to be enough good lumber to be used in other projects around the house. But be certain the wood is pest free and in good structural 

We'll show you how to replace old decking with low-maintenance composite materials and build a new “floating” landing at yard level that expands the deck in an Wood condition. Examine your posts and other framing members to see if they're made of treated lumber or not. Treated wood, the material used to frame most 

Watch this video to find out how to remove old deck boards and install new wood decking the right way so it will last. After all the old decking and nails have been removed, pull a string or extend a straight board on edge across the floor joists to make sure the joists haven't sagged. Replace Install a DIY Composite Deck.

Bob Vila and carpentry contractor Bob Ryley have an easy time demolishing a poorly built backyard deck. For more home improvement video, visit:

Outdoor PlantersDiy Wood PlantersDeck Railing PlantersRecycled PlantersTall PlantersWooden Planter Boxes DiyFront Porch PlantersLong PlanterWood Deck Railing. I'd like this on the side of the driveway. Love the long narrow pot! Horsetail reed in recycled wood containers. Timbers from a demo deck. Like the reeds.

Enrich a wooden deck using deck stain in just a few simple steps with instructions from outdoor experts.

I've used the tool with different board thicknesses, wood species, and fasteners, and nothing I've come across can stop the Demo-Dek. Ripping power aside, I really like how the Demo-Dek holds on to the loose board so that you can swing it out of the way or off the side of the deck. This may sound trivial, 

This is Part 5 of 9 in our Series on Restoring Wood Decks and Building New Wood Decks. Navigate to the first article: Restoring a Wood Deck. So far, we have looked at spot repairs, taking care of limited problems in your deck. But if you have extensive damage, with numerous rotting joists or bad beams, soft deck boards or 

DIY-cover your ugly deck boards Maybe it's like a roll out laminate topping for your deck. It extends the life, is easy to clean and protects from splinters and termites.

Our remodeling company has carpenters at both ends of the deck-destruction spectrum, and because we build or rebuild between 50 and 100 decks each year, we have plenty of work In the process, we've developed a few techniques that help us move quickly and safely through the deck demo process.

Demolishing a large wooden deck that was just too rotten to save. We made a decision then to replace all the joists with new Fir 2 X 10", keeping the origina

Your tired, old deck is beginning to sag, splinter -- or worse. Removal might seem intimidating, because the deck was built onto your home with what appears to be large beams and concrete feet. But

Thankfully the new deck will run where that entire bottom strip of wood siding lives (the part that's good and not rotted to the left of the part above), so it will be coming out. Which means I can reuse it for some of the rotten part above the missing siding strip that you see here. In other words, we'll be reusing 

Hey people, coolie toolie alert! I know I say this about every tool, but this time I sssswear I mean it - cross my heart and hope to die, stick a dowel rod in my eye, this is thee neatest thing I've ever seen. (And all I have to do is drop one little hint, and l'll have one, because I'm spoiled like that. curtsie ) - OneTIME Tool - Dowel 

After decades of use, your deck has seen better days. Pressure-treated boards eventually give out after endless, full exposure to repeated cycles of solar rays and precipitation. The ends of deck

Demolishing a wood deck is always easier than building one. The demolition tools used to tear a deck down can be found at most hardware or home improvement stores. The tools

If you want to know how to build a ground level deck, start with the fact that it's one of the easiest decks to build. There aren't any posts, and if it's free standing — meaning it's not attached to your house or any other structure — you won't have to dig the footing holes that are required by building codes to prevent frost heave.

Worm Drive or Circular Saw (for deck boards); Electric Chain Saw or Reciprocal Saw (for joists); Demo Hammer (for cemented post holders); Bagster Bag(s); Heavy Work Gloves; Extension Cords; Crowbar; Drill Stained or soft wood; Black or yellow fungus; Insects; Soft depression under the surface of the painted wood 

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