handrails for bison roof decks

With the upscale appearance of real wood, long lasting durability, and low maintenance, buy Wood Tiles by Bison online at Deck Expressions. Shop now.

Adjustable deck supports to install pavers and other elevated floating rooftop decks and garden walking spaces.

Sterritt Lumber stocks and handles a wide variety of decking and railing materials to handle every building materials need imaginable! Sterritt Lumber takes pride in If you are interested in innovative concepts in decking, especially in urban areas, then Bison Innovative Products could be for you! Bison does not merely 

Plastic telescope accessory. Outlook deck: 3ft high play deck. Wooden roof. 6ft wave slide. Climbing ramp with rope handrails. Plastic steering wheel accessory. Large sand pit below deck. Swing arm attachment. Height adjustable swing with soft feel ropes. Two seat glider with moulded seats and comfortable hand and foot 

Hardwood deck tiles are perfect for patios or any area that needs a quick deck. Hardwood deck tiles example. Deck tiles are great for areas that you do not have the proper ventilation space needed for under your deck. They are great for patios or any area that you want a quick and easy deck. Bison Roof Tile Supports 

Bison Deck Supports create adjustable deck support systems for rooftop decks, terraces, over cracked concrete and even in water features. Bison recommends that step design and handrail attachments be designed by an architect or engineer to provide adequate containment of lateral forces and to ensure safety and 

Safety is an important consideration when planning and designing a rooftop deck, particularly if children will be allowed access. This includes making sure the handrails are very sturdy, and the height of the handrails and spacing of balusters is up to code. Bison adjustable deck supports holding up deck 

A floating deck is built over a rooftop membrane. Clough Construction has been working with a product called Bison deck support pedestal base that has a heavy duty recycled LEED approved plastic cylinder that holds the framing. The beauty of this product is that the framing does not have to penetrate the roof.

If maintenance is necessary, the anchors can be unscrewed, allowing individual tiles to be removed from the pedestals for access to the roof deck underneath. The trick with any pedestal system is accurately estimating the number of pedestals that will be needed. Bison offers plenty of layout and planning 

GREEN ROOFS ROOFTOPS: Constructing vegetative roofs on commercial rooftops is growing trend in the U.S. and Canada. Studies have proven green roofs reduce energy use, capture storm water, improve air quality, protect the roof membrane, create wildlife habitat and add much-needed green space to cities. Bison 

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