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Plastic decking is used in place of traditional wood deck material. Made by a number of manufacturers, the decking is usually a composite of byproducts, such as fly ash and wood, and recycled plastic. Some brands are pure plastic with no other additives. The advertised advantages of plastic decking include resistance to 

Floating dock flotation products includes encapsulated dock floats filled with polystyrene (commonly referred to as Styrofoam, a trademark of The Dow Chemical Company), and Styrofoam billet flotation. Encapsulated dock floats are available in over thirty sizes and buoyancy ratings. Dock kits can be configured with a 

Standard Application: Used for residential or commercial decking on floats and walkways. Composite decking is filely impervious to moisture and does not require pressure treatment, preservative treatments, water sealing or staining. Board width is 6” wide 8', 10', 12' & 20' long and must be supported 

Waterfront Construction builds pre-fabricated floats to your specifications. Floats are Waterfront ships floats to Japan, China and SE Alaska, but can ship globally. We offer a wide array of decking choices, from Sun Walk grated decking panels to fiberglass, composite or fine hardwoods such as Teak and Brazilian IPÊ.

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