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Aboriginal people lived in what was later known as the Heidelberg district for over 40,000 years. Occasional old fence posts and gates can still be seen. . one rood and twenty-three perches, the greater part of which is under crop, and is fenced in with a substantial post and rail fence; the government high road to the 

Available with any sheet profile. Post & rails visible on one side with an optimum appearance on the alternate side. Double sided Colorbond Steel colours available making you a good neighbour. Available in exclusive colours Shadow (Monument) and Seedpod (Dune) when you order a True Oak Superior Corrugated 

As suggested by the name Post & Rail fencing is an all timber fence available in many different styles and formats. One of the most attractive fences to look at, especially if you have a drive way that needs fencing each side, or if you just want perfect paddocks! Sawn Post & Rail, as described by the name, consists of 

Post and Rail fencing, Post and Rail fence erection, half round, square sawn or cleft styles for sale in Kent.

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Post & rail fencing is very popular and comprises of a number of vertical posts with horizontal rails fitted to the posts. Pressure treated, sawn timber provides a rustic look & feel.

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