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long-lived product is a significant environmental benefit. The substantially lower rankings across all six critical impact categories for redwood decking quantify its lower environmental footprint relative to alternative decking materials. Other life- cycle studies have shown similar results for wood products.

At the other extreme, continuous heavy shade keeps the surface moist for long periods and promotes wood rot. 2)Quality of lumber - Buying a better grade of lumber, with fewer knots, checks and other defects, will extend the life of a deck. The standard pressure treated southern pine lumber at the big box 

Use of vertical grain lumber often provides even longer life. Deck boards, and especially sapwood zones that may be in them, eventually deteriorate, requiring replacement. . Comprehensive life cycle comparisons of treated solid wood and WPC lumber products have not yet been conducted. However, an 

Pressure-treated lumber can be made from a huge variety of wood types, but better-quality wood creates a better-quality result. This option still needs to be sealed and maintained for the best life span. Many varieties of pressure-treated wood come with a limited lifetime warranty, but the lifespan referred to 

LifeCycle decking and railing is a wood-plastic composite material manufactured by Advanced Environmental Recycling Technologies, Inc. (A.E.R.T.). The unique manufacturing process totally encapsulates recycled wood fibers in recycled polyethylene plastic, derived from items such as discarded plastic jugs and bags.

A boardwalk life cycle maintenance analysis from a project in Dallas, TX. Chart shows maintenance costs of PermaTrak compared to wood or composite decking. Specifying a Commercial Product for the Long Haul. Without a life cycle maintenance analysis, how do you know if the product you specify 

Performing maintenance every five years will almost double the life of a cedar deck compared to a deck that is not maintained at all. An infrequent maintenance cycle includes power-washing and sanding the deck's surface, sealing it with a vapor barrier which keeps moisture from entering the wood, and replacing or 

Dura Deck is manufactured from a unique combination of wood and plastic and our highly developed unique composition combines the traditional appearance of timber with the . Dura Decking composite decking has a traditional wood appearance and a long life span, making it a great alternative to using natural timber.

treated lumber decking and wood plastic composite decking using life cycle assessment (LCA) (1.0), with wood plastic decking impact indicator values being a multiple of one (if larger) or a fraction of one (if smaller). composite decking, acknowledging that safe service life could be much longer, but that aesthetics and.

While pressure treated lumber still remains the most popular decking material due to its relatively low cost, composite lumber is becoming increasingly more popular. It is available in an ever widening number of styles and colors. It won't deteriorate like regular lumber, giving it a much longer life cycle. This gives it a lower life 

Typical in-use life span of treated lumber used in swing sets, decks and deck posts is 10-20 years. Keep in mind that actual However a look at the warranty period offered for treated wood products tells us how long the manufacturer expects their product to last, provided you used it and installed it properly. Companies and 

mitigation value of long-lived wood products through their carbon storage capacity. The LCA tracked all steps in the production of redwood decking from the logs in the log yard through the manufacturing process including sawing, drying, and planing. We evaluated the material flow, energy consumption, and emissions.

Installing your WPC Classic Deck. The UPM ProFi WPC Classic Deck range has been designed to facilitate smart installation. Installation Instructions (PDF) · Installation · Find your nearest WPC Classic Deck installer  

hardwood decking, Garapa hardwood decking exceeds softwood decking species in many ways, which you can see below. Garapa decking is durable and has a high rot resistance and good insect resistance which makes it a great choice when looking for an affordable premium hardwood decking with a long life span.

The upfront cost may seem a bit pricey, but the long-term expenses are relatively low. Composite decking has a very long life span with very little maintenance needed. Consumer Reports also estimated that the cost for maintaining a wood deck over a 10 year period could cost in upwards of $5000, while 

Introduction. 04 UPM ProFi Deck. The design deck. 10 UPM ProFi Lifecycle. The classic wood look & feel deck. 14 UPM ProFi Terra. The surprisingly good deck. 15 UPM ProFi Fence . UPM ProFi Lifecycle decking has the same luxurious look as a real installation, UPM ProFi Lifecycle weathers to its long term natural 

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