adding height to an existing picket fence

Create added privacy in your backyard with treated pine fence extensions. Available in a variety of attractive designs, offering full or partial block out. Fence extensions are rot resistant and easy to install. Simply slide them over the top of your existing fence and fasten. Easy to install; Rot resisitant; Versatile 

Learn how to secure fence posts for your outdoor space with this step-by-step guide from If replacing an existing fence, dig out any weak or damaged posts first. If these are set in concrete, use improvised levers to pry them four sides. Adjust as needed. Check the post is at the right height for the panel.

This fence features narrow lengths of willow that create a bamboo-style effect, ideal for screening an existing fence if you don't want to start completely from scratch. Willow screening fence panels can also add height to a short wall or fence, or you could even use it to keep the compost heap hidden from 

I would very much like to reuse the existing 4ft posts - theyre already plumb and driven below the frost line (and it's currently winter here, so digging then braces all the way around - so that I have 8ft posts, old on the bottom half and new on the top half; buy new 8ft posts and just attach them to the 4ft ones.

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