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More planning and consideration may go into building an outdoor deck than, say, a bathroom. Read these 10 considerations before planning Make Plans Before Jumping in to Deck Project. modern house with deck. Modern Do you know what a circular saw is? Did you ever take a "shop" class? Is your 

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Learn how to lay garden decking with the most comprehensive guide on the web. Includes free Like our Facebook page for regular design ideas, expert tips & offers to save you £100's. Don't miss .. Many choose to overlap the deck frame & then cut the boards to the desired length once they've been screwed into place.

Well read through our top tips and ideas to help you decide the right type of decking for your garden. Beautiful decking will add a luxurious touch to any home that you can personalise, accessorise and style to suit you. As well as . Our step-by-step guide will help you successfully cut, shape and install your deck boards.

I work in mechanical engineering and provided Abe with my plans for the pergola. After visiting our home, he came up with modifications that made it both sturdier and more aesthetically pleasing than what I had envisioned. We LOVE having the "solar pergola" over our deck. We get a lot of compliments on it from friend, 

It's easy to build floating decks, since they're not attached to a building. This tutorial Floating decks are a great option for DIYers who have big plans -- but not the big skill set to match. .. So he had to rip or "rip saw" the final decking board, meaning he had to cut it lengthwise (as opposed to across).

Rhino Deck. Cut, shape and sand composites with regular woodworking tools. Use carbide blades. If you're accustomed to working with wood, it's easy to make the transition to solid composites. You can cut a board with a circular saw, Composites are flexible, offering cool design options for curved decks. Composites are 

Structurally, though the posts are logs and the beams are sawn timbers, these decks aren't much different from a regular deck. Posts and beams still support To begin with, codes provide little design information; therefore, it's likely you'll need to have the structure engineered. The building department may 

See the complete deck project from design to finishing touches at BuildaDeck. If you choose to install wood decking, you can find step-by-step instructions in How to Build a Deck: Wood Decking and Railings. Cut the bracing from the same 2 x lumber you used for the joists (for this deck 2 x 8 lumber).

The latest generation of power saws offer a host of new features compared to their predecessors - they're easier and cleaner to use, more accurate and make light work of tough jobs. In this guide we explain the difference between some of the most popular types of saws and help you to choose the right saw for the job.

1998). Much previous research has focused on the design and construction of new concrete decks. (Bettigole et al. 1997, Tadros et al. 1998, and Holden et al. 2014), but less research has been conducted on methods for removing existing concrete decks. Current deck removal methods (e.g., saw cutting, jackhammering 

Watch this video to find out how to remove old deck boards and install new wood decking the right way so it will last. After all the deck boards have been attached, pop a chalk line an inch or so past the end of the deck foundation and use a circular saw to cut the decking to the finished length. Watch this video to find out 

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