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AAMA 2604 specifications. Your fence is guaranteed not to chip, peel or flake. Hidden Fastener Panel System. Independence fencing panels feature a hidden fastener locking system that locks the panel together from the inside of the rail so your fence looks great on both sides with no unsightly visible screws. Rakable to 

Tools & Materials Needed. Wooden stakes; String; Tape measure; Spade; Fence posts; Gravel boards; Bitumen-based pain; Paintbrush; Drill; Screws; Pencil; Fence panels; Batten; Spirit level; Quick-setting concrete post mix; Water 

The standard 24” high x 70½” wide panel works perfectly with our Residential, Liberty, Regency, or Ovation products, and is less expensive than our narrow-spaced specialty (SP) fence designs. Once your puppy 

Metal panels for fencing, products to feet high perfect outdoor space for all your garden fencing aluminum. Location and are welded livestock panels temporary chain link fencing panels hidden fasteners a design and are environmentally safe. Guardian ornamental swing gates and structural components flashing.

Screw gravel board to the base of the posts, so that panels do not touch the ground. Each board must be level. 4. Securely fix all fence panels to the fence posts with clips screwed into the top and bottom of each post. 5. Once the fence clips are in place, the fence panels will slot safely into the clips. Secure with screws 

Most other “screwless” designs use either hidden screws (which can loosen) or plastic connectors (which break fairly easily). Our Industrial Strength, Aero, Liberty and American Fence panels use stainless steel screws with an adhesive patch to keep them tight. Industrial and Aero Fences use a square drive screw for added 

Classic Beauty Our aluminum fence panels feature a hidden fastener system no unsightly screws on this fence panel! Master Your Terrain Steep slopes… not a problem. Our aluminum fences racks in both directions 36″ per 6′ wide panel. 4' Ultra Aluminum Spear Top 5' aluminum with spear points 5' Bronze Ultra 

View the multiple options of fasteners for UltraDeck products. Eliminate side gapping issues on Fusion , Rustic , and Natural decking by installing with UltraDeck T-Clips or UltraClips.

Bridger Steel steel soffit panels bring an added touch to the traditional soffit panel. With a perforated option this panel will vent your roof in style.

Ultra Fencing, Railing and Gate Features. Powercoat Finish—panels, gates, posts and designer accessories. When applied, Powercoat is twice the thickness and hardness of a typical acrylic, baked enamel, or “wet incorporates Boss Posts and Boss Floor Flanges. With hidden fasteners for a clean, professional look.

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