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Jumbo Stacked Split Cedar Rails 

Please note the 10' Jumbo rails can be used as a smaller girth line post. Arbours come pre-assembled in three pieces and it takes about 15 min to set up. Mountain Bark Inc. holds the distribution rights for Pure Country Split Rail Cedar Fencing and is actively looking for dealers throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan and 

A Cedar Split Rail Fence is very rustic in appearance and common on large properties or ranches were privacy isn't a concern. Red Cedar rails are available in a two rail (approx. 36″ high) and a three rail (approx. 48″ high) style. The jumbo and standard rails are 10′ long and butt inside the fence posts to create 10′ 

This is our webpage with Western red cedar split rail fences "American Style" Post and Rail fencing. American Split Rail Doweled ends and drilled holes.

Push-in 1-Rail Fence with 8' Rails. 1-Rail Fence. with 4' Rails. Jumbo Rails. Inserted in Cement Blocks. 4-Rail Fence. Push-in 1-Rail Fence with 8' Rails · 1-Rail Fence with 4' Rails · Jumbo Rails Inserted in Cement Blocks · 4-Rail Fence 

We stock high quality Western Red Cedar Split Rails and inspect each load for quality to ensure that you get the best products for your split rail fence. and Standard and come in either 8' or 10' lengths. Jumbo rails measure on average 12" circumference, Standard rails measure on average 10" to 12" circumference.

We stock a 2 hole and 3 hole jumbo split rail with 8′ and 10′ rails. We carry a 5′ grape stake with a hand split texture. Post and pole fencing is stocked in 2 hole and 3 hole with 8' and 10' rails. Be sure and ask your Cedar Expert about the benefits of Stainless Steel Fasteners vs. galvanized. We are also a stocking dealer 

The rails are notched and the posts are drilled so they are easy to install. One and 4 rail posts as well as pre-made split rail gates and pre-assembled split rail Garden Arbours made from Western Red Cedar are available only by special order. Our fencing can also be used to make stacking rail, line fencing, and classic 

Find WRC Split Rail - 10' Jumbo Rail & other quality split rail fence products available online.

Split rail fences commonly have between two and four rails. Also, unlike in colonial times, it is no longer necessary to chop down trees and split the rails yourself. You can now purchase precut rails and even fence kits that make assembly a breeze. The most common material used is cedar, and pine is also 

Cedar Split Rail Jumbo 10' Hand-Split Rail. This Jumbo 10' Hand-Split Rail is made from strong and durable cedar. 10' long; Jumbo 10' Hand-Split Rail. Dimensions: 10' long. Shipping Dimensions: 122.0 H x 6.0 W x 4.0 D Product Type: Fence Rail, Material: Wood. Special Features: Naturally resistant to Rot & Decay 

Information and pricing for cedar split rail fencing, the only true split rail product on the market. Offerings include Jumbo, Standard, & Pony rails.

Product Type: Post, Material: Wood. Special Features: Naturally resistant to Rot & Decay, Overall Height: 5-5 16 inch. Weight: 20 pound, Overall Width: 6 inch. Color Finish: Cedar, Includes: Post Only. Installed Height: Varies foot, Post Type: Line. Overall Depth: 6 inch 

Split Post & Rail Fencing. Hand Split Post & Rail Fencing. Naturally rot resistant… cedar lasts on average up towards 15 years in the ground. This product comes in 2-Hole, 3-Hole and 4-Hole. Pony, Standard and Jumbo Weights are available. Custom cut Split Post & Rail available upon request. Call Today! Comments are 

Two rail split rail fence, how. Fence is about split rail standard rail fence but once you will notice how specialized some are a fence offers jumbo western red cedar rail gives a split rail fences american split when made it is a beautiful diamon split rail fence but once you start to dig into the spruce or hemlock rail. Ranch we 

6'6” 3-Hole Post (Ends & Corners) $15.00. 6'6” 3- Hole Line $13.00. Rail Girth 13" - 15". 8' Split Rail $ 8.00. 10' Split Rail $10.00. 10" Jumbo Rails for Abe Lincoln style stacked rail fencing $15.00. Note Prices do not include freight and are subject to change without notice. Quantity discounts are available. Please call.

This split rail fencing is made of Western Red Cedar and holds up well to exterior elements without treatment. Design your fence with line post, end post, and corner post options in the 2-hole split rail post. These “Jumbo” split rails made out of Western Red Cedar are designed to be used with our cedar split rail posts.

Code. Description. Approx. Weight. Price, View Cart. Western Red Cedar Split Rail Fence Rails. RCR-10J, 10' Western Red Cedar Jumbo Rail, 20 lbs. $, Add to cart. BRCR-10J, Bundle of 110 - 10' Western Red Cedar Jumbo Rail, 2200 lbs. $, Add to cart. 2-Rail Western Red Cedar Split Rail Fence Components. RCP-2L 

5 - rails high. Jumbo Rails. 4 - rails high. Stacked fence. using two posts. Pony Stacking Fence. Pony Stacking Fence #1, Pony Stacking Fence #2, Pony Stacking Fence #3, Pony Stacking Fence #4. Pony Rails. 9 - rails high. Pony Rails. 5 - rails high. Pony Rails. 5 - rails high. Pony Rails 5 - rail high. with Arbour and Trellis.

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