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Otherwise here are costs per square foot for professional removal and disposal of siding: Aluminum or vinyl siding: $1-$2.25 per square foot; Stucco siding: $2.50-$4 per square foot. Stucco prices for materials: The cost to stucco a house starts with these materials: One or two layers of felt paper; Mesh drainage mat (optional 

The day you buy your brick home, the total cost should be in this range: 6 to 7% more than vinyl; 3 to 4% more than fiber cement; or 10 to 19% less than stone--for a home in the $250,000, 2,500 square foot range. The following chart shows upfront cost comparisons for six siding options on a typical 2,500 square foot, two- 

In-depth guides to help you compare the styles, pros & cons, average cost per sq. ft of each type of home siding. Find a great contractor and get a free quote.

Average vinyl siding prices. The cost of the vinyl siding itself ranges from $3 to $8 per square foot. Depending on the contractor you hire, this price may or may not include the labor costs for removing existing siding and installing the new vinyl siding. Replacing siding with vinyl siding on an average size, 

Retrofits require a complete tear-off of the old siding, a job that requires one or two days for a 2,450 square-foot house and adds about 5% to the total cost of the project. Green factor: The production of Portland cement is associated with CO2 emissions, which are probably offset by the material's extreme longevity. However 

How much vinyl siding should cost. Average costs and comments from CostHelper's team of professional journalists and community of users. Range from less than $1 square foot for do-it-yourself panels from a building supply store to $2-$7 or more if installed by a contractor. For an 1800-square-foot exterior (50' long, 40' 

Stucco generally costs $6-&9 per st ft, but total cost will vary based on different coats, labor & whether you're replacing existing siding or installing new. this specification carefully. For 1,000 square feet, you should need 80 to 90 bags for the first and second coats, and 15 to 25 bags for the finishing coat. Return to Top 

It's generally one of the most expensive siding materials, averaging between $1,100 and $2,000 for just 200 square feet installed. Furthermore, wood is a naturally absorbent material, so it is susceptible to water damage over time. Eventually, this could lead to rotting, and replacement costs are quite high in 

You need to take the basement and garage square footage times $35.00-$55.00 approximately to arrive at a cost for construction. Example:2,000 square foot home- (1,500 main floor) & (500 loft floor) with a full basement and two car garage. Lower end. 2,000 square feet times $150.00 per sq.ft. = $300,0000. Full basement 

(Approx. floor space: 1000-1400 SF). Cape (w 1 car garage). (Approx. floor space: 1400-1600 SF). Ranch (w 1-car garage). (Approx. floor space: 1600-2000 SF). Arts and Crafts (Bungalow). (Approx. floor space: 1600-2000 SF). Split-level. (Approx. floor space: 1600-2000 SF). Colonial. (Approx. floor space: 1900-2500 SF).

Let's do this: you have the floor joist for the first floor, the floor joist for the second floor and each one is about 12 inches x 2 plus your two levels (walls) 8 feet (96 inches). 2 floors 

Average cost to replace siding is about $7510 (1500 sq.ft. standard vinyl insulating). Find here detailed information about siding costs.

Estimate siding costs with our siding calculator! How much will siding installation cost per sq ft? Just choose type of siding: vinyl, fiber cement, stucco, metal, brick, stone >>

Also keep in mind that odd-shaped openings, such as custom windows and doors, require the siding to be cut to non-standard shapes. In general, the common house sizes can incur the following costs, assuming no unusual details: 1,500 sq ft - $6,000.00 to $8,000.00; 2,000 sq ft - $8,000.00 to $11,000.00; 2,500 sq ft 

Siding replacement and installation costs for the most popular types of siding: vinyl, James Hardie, LP Smartside, wood and aluminum. Siding Average Kitchen Remodel, $19,420 (includes labor), This price includes the following: 20 linear feet of cabinets, 200 sq.ft of floor tile and installation, 30 sq. ft. of 

If you're planning to build a home valued at more than $750,000 US dollars, reports that stucco and brick siding are generally the top The Home's Flooring: . reports a slightly lower average cost of $305,372, but their math was done using a smaller 2,000 square foot house.

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After processing for the retail market, the cost increases to about $3.50 to $4.75 per square foot. Steel siding costs a bit more than aluminum, depending on the market. On average, however, it costs about $4.00 to $5.00 per square foot. Aluminum. 1,500 sq ft: $5,250.00 to $7,125.00; 2,000 sq ft: $7,000.00 to $9,500.00; 2,500 

Vinyl siding costs on average $6,800 for a 2,200-square-foot home. Add to this cost the removal and disposal of any existing siding — $1,000 to $3,000 — and the cost of extras such as fascia, soffits, trim and crown molding. Some contractors will provide these extras for free, while others will charge 

How much does vinyl siding cost? As a contractor that is usually the first thing out of the mouth of a homeowner that calls me to get a price quote. Even though this sounds like a simple question, it isn't. Vinyl Siding prices range from about $3 per square foot installed to well over $10 per square foot installed. Like all products 

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