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By judging your buying decision on price alone, you'll get the cheapest fencing lumber quality available. It is important to realize that there are no grading specifications generally accepted in the nation regarding cedar, specifically fencing products. Labels such as “premium” or “#1” or “select” are subjective 

Need wholesale fencing? We provide fencing in bulk to contractors, landscapers, pool companies, property management companies & more in PA, DE, & MD. Competitive Prices Wood, Vinyl or Aluminum, we have products for every price level. Our Good, Better, Best approach is guaranteed to create an opportunity for 

If preferred, you can purchase pre-cut patterned fence boards with round, pointed, dog-eared, spearhead or gothic tops; latticework panels; and pre-assembled solid and lattice-work fencing sections. The appearance and finish of the different grades and surface textures are summarized following: CLEAR GRADES.

Before you choose your fence boards, consider the 'price per fence foot', which allows you to compare boards of different widths. As a general rule, fence projects utilizing narrower boards will have a lower material cost than fence project that utilize wider boards, within the same grade. Prices for some of our most popular 

If there's one thing BDC is most known for throughout North Carolina, it's our extremely low-priced first-quality treated lumber. BDC is one of the You can also purchase the individual 6″ x 6′ dog-ear fence pickets and build the panels yourself. For the true do-it We often buy this in large closeout deals. You'll find 

Low grade material for when cost is more important than quality, and all the way up to the best quality cedar boards available, and everything in between. One thing you will not find anywhere else is our variety of clear, knot free cedar fence boards at very fair prices. Our current line up includes. 5 8″x6″-5′ clear for $2.85 

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