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You can certainly tile over any concrete, even exposed aggregate, but it will likely take a bit thicker setting bed. I would want my contractor to I agree with Libra, if you decide to install a new material over the existing pool deck you will need to adjust the coping height accordingly. As this is something you 

When starting a home project, like creating the perfect outdoor area for your home, preparation is key! Many times people become disillusioned with projects because of the amount of prep work required. Travertine Mart makes installing your travertine tiles easier than ever as a result of our patio designer and our easy step 

We would like to put travertine over this and bull nosing around the pool. We have four small If you want to use travertine tiles, I would lay them in concrete, either on your existing concrete (if it's stable) or starting from scratch. Either way, travertine is We can get it mortared grouted in for the deck. We can get bullnose 

Outdoor Tile Over Concrete And Tiling Outdoor Concrete Patio, Help Please DoItYourself Com Interlocking deck tiles are available in a number of materials, not only hardwoods like bamboo and others, but also granite, slate, porcelain and composite wood .. I want this for our patio to match the travertine around the pool.

While many pavers and tiles can give you a beautiful pool surround upon completion, they don't all have the advantages that travertine pavers will give you. If you thought that Except for the darker shades, travertine pool decks are 20-30% cooler than other natural stones and concrete pavers. We suggest 

Thin pavers may also be placed in alternating patterns that resemble tiles for an eye-catching finishing touch to any paved outdoor area. Thin pavers are also a good choice for creating borders around lawns, gardens, flowerbeds and pools. The many different colors and designs means you can choose a 

Another disadvantage of a tile pool deck is that it will be fairly expensive to install. Tile is much more expensive than concrete or some of the other materials that you can use around the outside of your pool. In addition to the material itself, the labor is generally very expensive and takes relatively long time to complete.

A comparison of popular pool deck surfaces including concrete, pavers, brick and tile. How they We put concrete to the test in a face-off against some tough competition, including natural stone, pavers, brick and tile. Although all Bricks and paving units can shift over time, requiring releveling or replacement. The joints 

Only use cementitious adhesives, modified mortars and grouts that are approved for exterior use. Always observe manufacturer's directions and be sure to conform to all ACI (American Concrete Institute) and PCA (Portland Cement Association) standards. Always install in accordance with ASTM C615, Standard.

This section provides information useful if you are considering laying thin pavers over an existing concrete pool deck. This paver pool deck was originally laid in 2003, for whatever reason the contractor chose not to complete the raised area around the spa. The customer contacted us to enquire about having her pool deck 

Paving stones come in hundreds of colors, styles, textures and patterns, allowing you to create a one-of-a-kind look for your driveway, patio or pool deck. Plus, pavers have a classy look, last for decades, and can easily be repaired if needed. When it comes to installing concrete pavers, there are two main 

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