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Using Wood Pallets. Wood pallets usually have a top and bottom deckboard, which are held together by three runners. Most wood pallets are made of decking lumber fastened with either screws or nails. Some wood pallets have panels instead of deckboard strips on top. There are a number of different 

1. Begin by preparing your surface. Remove any decorative items and or nails from the wood. Using SuperDeck Deck Wash, thoroughly wash and rinse the surface. Allow the pallets to dry for 24 hours.

While composite wood and PVC ( , , ) have strong advantages, both are brutally expensive. Even the cheapest off-the-shelf composite Advantages: Untreated hem-fir is the lowest cost wood decking board (except for pallet wood). Because it is strong, it has a great joist distance span.

Custom Built Plastic Pallets also offers numerous pallet options such as: Flat top with solid deck. Grab N Go. Skid - no bottom boards. Non-slip deck boards. Slip resistant deck boards. Smooth deck boards. 2-Way entry. 4-Way entry. Endcaps protect stringers. Add casters. Lipped edge. Composite stringer. Custom colors.

related costs. Plastic pallets can be safely stored indoors or out, and can replace and outlast inferior wood pallets many, many times over. Modular POP Pallets (3) · One-Piece Drum Pallet (1) · One-Way Plastic Pallets (2) · Pally & Handle (3) · Rackstar II Pallet (1) · Single Deck with Edge Lip (1) · Small-Format HP 

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If the stringers are not notched, it is called a "2-way" pallet, with fork entry only from either end. Bottom deckboards can be chamfered to allow entry for the wheels of a pallet jack. Read More Why Wood Pallets Are Preferable. Stringer. A stringer pallet with no bottom deck boards is called a skid.

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