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In traditional recycling, plastic can only be down-cycled. In other words, a plastic water bottle can't be made into another plastic water bottle. Water bottles are typically turned into plastic bags, the last step in the life of recycled plastic. That is until composite decking came along. Enter plastic's new role in 

From detergent bottles to deck boards. turns unwanted plastics into enviable outdoor spaces. fiberon-horizon-decking. deck boards comprise nearly 94% recycled content. The next time you toss a milk jug or detergent bottle into your recycling bin or dutifully return plastic bags to the grocery 

All our composite decking boards are made of 60% recycled hardwood fibres and 40% recycled polyethylene together with bonding agent, colour tint and additives. Additives include an anti-UV agent to help the boards resist colour fade and mould. We offer two types of board hollow or solid core construction. Our hollow 

Companies like , , and CorrectDeck make planks composed of a mix of wood fibers and recycled plastic. The product won't rot, splinter, or warp—and it won't need to be stained. To maintain, scrub with warm, soapy water and spray a little diluted bleach or bleach-based liquid cleanser into corners or 

In the case of HDPE (#2), recycled material goes back into items such as cleaning and personal care product bottles, runoff pipes, automotives, and composite decking. So the next time you empty a bottle of window cleaner, remember it's probably recyclable. "I think it's more from a habit perspective. People 

Our recycled plastic lumber is 100% plastic and contains over 90% recycled High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) #2 plastic such as gallon milk, water and juice Plastic lumber can be cleaned with a common household cleaner or a solution of bleach (5%-10%) and water. What is the recommended span for decks?

There are many different types and brands of composite wood plastic decking on the market and many of them may initially look indistinguishable. HDPE is used for applications such as water pipes and plastic container packaging, for example, milk and bleach bottles. You will note all the HDPE products are items that 

Discover the benefits of both wood and composite decking options for your home. The plastic may be from recycled products, like milk jugs and soda bottles, or it might be made of virgin plastic. Mildew left for long periods of time might require a deeper cleaning technique, but don't use bleach: this can fade the deck.

Decks. To Clean: Dilute product with water in a plastic container or bucket. Use a scrub brush or push broom. Heavily soiled surfaces may require scrubbing. . There will be the same number of uses per bottle in the concentrated bleach as there was before so the cost per use will be the same as our previous bleach 

Plastic milk cartons, drinks bottles, detergent, bleach and cleaning fluid containers. We also accept plastic trays, pots and tubs. them to free up extra space. Recycled plastics are made into bollards, benches and non-slip decking although some is used for plastic bags and promotional items such as pens and pencils.

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