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average cost, Materials: $3-$75 Per Foot, high cost, With Professional Installation: $8-$100 Per Foot With professional installation a rail fence can cost $8-$25 or more a foot, or $900-$3,000 for 100' and $6,800-$21,000 to enclose a square acre, depending on local . lowes fence estimate for 7 foot redwood 25 linear ft.

Since I have not seen construction grade redwood for about 30 years - select or appearance is all I remember in decades, I would not try to guess at a price other than to guess you are talking probably not less than $30-50 LF for straight redwood, plus a pretty substantial increase for the diagonal heart 

Shop top choice (common: 5 8-in x 5-1 2-in x 6-ft; actual: 0.656-in x 5.625-in x 6-ft) natural redwood fence picket in the fence pickets section of

Wholesale prices for Redwood & Cedar fence boards and pickets at Payless Building Supply in Lodi, CA. Tongue & Groove. Tongue and Groove Redwood Fence. 400 PC pallets cover up to 166' of fence and most people are getting 140-150 feet of decent fencing . covers up to 182' of fence. $495 per pallet tax included 

They can be three feet high or eight feet high. Below are the costs of several different popular fencing materials, expressed in the price per linear foot. Redwood fence: $7.25 - $14.50 material; $4.00 - $6.25 installation; Cedar fence: $7.15 - $14.50 material; $4.10 - $6.25 installation; Wood picket 

Note that average prices for redwood, except in redwood country, tend to be on the much higher side because if people back east are going for redwood they tend to also go with fancier slatting (like angled slats or multi-tiered design and or top edging, scalloping, or lattice treatment) so the average per 

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