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Eco Systems have introduced a new 100% recycled roofing slate to the UK market which is set to revolutionise the entire roofing industry. Working in conjunction with the direct manufacturer NewTech, we offer a state of the art formulation which provides a strong, pliable and attractive roofing option for your home or building 

Recycled plastic decking typically is made from recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastics, the plastic used in milk jugs and for plastic bags and wraps. You've probably seen the collection bins for bags and wraps at many grocery chains and large retailers—and hopefully you've pitched in, as well!

We recycle the equivalent of. 3,000. bottle caps per square metre of decking. We recycle the equivalent of 280 plastic milk bottles per square metre of decking. 280 x = 1m 2. FSC Logo 

offers a variety of eco-friendly composite wood decking products made from 95% recycled products, and can help earn LEED green building credits. Waste Pallets and Construction Debris. Post-Consumer Polyethylene. Milk Jugs. Grocery Bags. Detergent Bottles. Pre-Consumer Polyethylene. Pallet Wrap.

Futurewood Eco-Decking offers one of the most environmentally friendly decking options available. Our decking materials are made from recycled HDPE (old milk bottles and other post consumer plastic waste) and discarded rice husks or hulls. No forests timber is used in the production of Eco-Decking materials - so no 

Whatever you call it, this decking has a wood-grain texture, a broad range of attractive colors, and looks great on a deck or a dock. LumbeRock sources material from recycled milk jugs and soda bottles, and boards come in the broadest range of sizes and colors of any decking we carry. Our other HDPE brand, WearDeck, 

4 Oct 1988 It has been changed into lumber: tongue-and-groove-style boards that form the impressive new deck on the Southern Shore Yacht Club's reconditioned dock here. Jeff Chaney makes the milk-jug connection when showing off the dock to visitors to dramatize what can happen to the nation's garbage when it 

Plastic decking colors. American Plastic Lumber, Inc. High-density plastic lumber (PL) is made from recycled polyethylene (ReHDPE) plastic. That means your old milk, water and juice containers and detergent and shampoo bottles may be recycled into the plastic lumber that is used to construct your deck.

Since they are extruded rather than moulded, they can also be made to custom lengths which reduces wastage from off-cuts and inefficient standard lengths. Duraplas profiles are typically made from polyethylene bottles (commonly milk bottles) and containers which would otherwise be destined for landfill or export. Outdoor 

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