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After buying a fixer-upper 17 months ago, gutting it, building a 2-story addition, taking the old roof off and replacing it with a new one — as well as raising the chimney — I can comfortably say that laying new floor tile is within the scope of some DIYers. There are a few prerequisites for a successful tile job.

Have you ever thought about doing some home renovations yourself? The ladies at Home Interiors in Green Bay have some tips when it comes to doing your bathro

HGTV shows you how to change the look of a bathroom by tiling the floor. Find out what materials are needed and follow these step-by-step instructions.

To help me make a decision on bathroom flooring, and help you also, here is a comparison of several popular bathroom flooring options that you can install.

The experts at show how to install a tile bathroom floor with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions.

At first glance, this fabulous bathroom floor is sure to turn some readers green with envy for the wonderful tilework. A closer look (and a peek at the blog of the owner) reveals that this floor is neither tile nor linoleum, but a creative and unique DIY application. Can you guess how these homeowners created 

Give your old, worn out vinyl floor a new look with elegant tile. We'll show you how to save hundreds of dollars by installing the floor yourself. Even if you don't have any tile experience, you can tile your bathroom floor in a weekend and end up with a great looking, durable floor. By the DIY experts of The Family Handyman 

I'm sharing how painting our bathroom's ceramic tile floors a simple, inexpensive DIY made a HUGE difference! Do you ever have a project that ended up being so much easier than you expected that you're kicking yourself for procrastinating so long to do it? Painting the ceramic tile floors in our first floor bathroom was 

One of the best ways to add a sense of fresh energy to your home, while also increasing its inherent property value, is to replace the flooring in your bathroom with something new and stylish. However, you want to be budget conscious when you do this, while also ensuring that you choose a material that 

Until a few months ago, I enjoyed the color pink. HECK even this blog had lots of pink. Then we bought our house and little pink squares of Satan kept popping up. First it was the tub and tile. Then it was the floor. {sigh.} A picture is worth a thousand words but when you see this you will say, “Never a good 

I'm a little envious of all you people who have gorgeous new bathrooms. You know the newly renovated or newly built homes that come with that big 'ole jacuzzi tub that you never use but sure are glad you have “just in case” you ever want to hop in. You don't have stale wallpaper. Oh and your floor is 

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