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If I can use 2X4's what spacing do I need along the length for support? If not what is my Only time I use 4x2 is for a deck set flush with ground level, and I only ever use 38mm deck boards. Posts:: Joined: Tue Jul 24, 2007 9:12 am: Location: Somerset in the UK in Shepton mallet. Top 

be designed and constructed to meet the UK building regulations (the We recommend a maximum span between newel posts of 2100mm. Planning and Design. Deck board. Drainage gap. Fascia. Joist hanger. Deck Board. House Wall. Beam the maximum span between deck post centres is. 2.07m (C16) or 2.24m 

Balustrading should be assembled and fixed to joists before installing deck boards. Balustrading can finish off ground level decks and must be used on all elevated decks for safety. Building regulations state that balustrading must be 1.1 metres high or above on elevated decks. The maximum recommended length of rails 

contact applications. 02 www.arbordeck.co.uk the post to allow for movement of the boards. 21. Skew screw through the side of the deck board to attach the board to each joist. If necessary pre-drill at the ends of the boards to prevent splitting. 26 Using a tape, measure the distance between the newels on the handrail 

Joist and Deck Board Spacing Guidance. The table below shows figures for domestic applications (uniformly distributed load 1.5kN m2) and commercial applications (uniformly distributed load 4.0kN m2). Dimensions stated represent the maximum length of unsupported joists (ie. between beams or slab etc). Please note: 

Lay the decking in sequence, starting from one end Step 8: To begin laying the deck, measure across the top of the frame and cut a board to length. Place the first board flush with the outside edge of the frame and facing, and perpendicular to the joists. Mark the location of each joist on the board 

Hi all, My builder has let me down with my decking - he started it but made a pigs ear of it so I have taken it on as my project!;) He had put all So how far apart do I do the noggins and will this give a better support? Also a couple of the joists are sitting The decking boards will tie it all together. Noggins 

Ecoscape UK Ltd, Company Reg:. T:0845 9011 988 W:www.ecoscapeuk.co.uk E:sales ecoscapeuk.co.uk. Ensure when working out m2, allowance is made for deck boards to face exposed joist work. PARALLEL TO STRUCTURE. 1) Boards should be cut exactly the length of joist work, allowing board to.

The studs are positioned at no more then 400mm centre's and if you intend joining the decking boards over a joist then two joists will be required side by side, if you deck bearer. This diagram shows how the deck bearer is connected to the decking post. It is bolted using two rustproof M12 bolts that are 220mm in length.

When installing deck boards, it's important to avoid finishing with a partial board at the edge of the deck. To prevent this from happening, you can vary the spacing slightly between the last 12 or so boards on the deck. Begin measuring the distance to be covered when about 2 metres of "un-decked" width remains. By slightly 

Leading suppliers of decking in the UK. Decking: The decking is supplied in the lengths that suit your job , these are calculated as covering 150mm (145mm for the board and 5mm gap for expansion and contraction) , any decks over You will need to add one newel posts for every time there is a gap in your total length.

GripDeck can be fitted to your decking board of choice, and will provide a long-lasting solution, with no need for any maintenance or re-application. Having been The recommended fixing distances for decking vary according to the projected footfall of your deck. For commercial . We deliver all over the UK. However 

Having taken delivery of your composite decking boards, we recommend you allow them a day to adjust to your local temperature and conditions before starting work. Decking boards must not be laid directly on the ground but should be fixed to joists of a suitable supporting substructure. Minimum spacing requirements.

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